In recent years the Middle East has become an attractive hub for entrepreneurs who are looking to do business. The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries and has been perceived to be an oil and natural-based economy for a long time. it is worth taking into account that the economic structure has undergone a significant transformation when it comes to international SEO. These are the changes that favour international investors who are able to undertake business in the United Arab Emirates.

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How do people in the UAE shop?

Similar to other nations, UAE business owners have observed the advantages of online sales.. When it comes to e-commerce savings are a critical component. Companies are known to save money due to the lack of necessity when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores. An interesting feature is that it is the men who tend to purchase more than the women. Close to 3/4 of the customers are males.

There is another interesting feature that emerges when the UAE residents browse the internet to find plane tickets, hotel trips etc. What is international Seo holds considerable importance as in other countries of the world food and clothing tends to take the stage. This difference can result in a love for luxury that the country is known for. Frequent travels or nights are typical for this type of lifestyle.

SEO strategy in the United Arab Emirates

In the last few years, the SEO market has grown by 1500 % only in Dubai. A testimony to the fact that it is the fastest and has one of the impressive growth rates around the world. There are numerous numbers of online stores and this means that they have to compete in terms of visibility in search engines. SEO in Dubai is a must for your business to gain a prominent presence.

A  trend is visible that the local residents tend to focus on local e-commerce stores rather than the international global giants. Hence it becomes important to focus on international SEO vs Asian SEO when it comes to the UAE. When it comes to the popularity of search engines in the region meaning that SEO in Dubai revolves around it.

Acting locally or globally- How does SEO in Dubai work?

Arabic is the official language of the UAE but since the country has opened up to Westerners English is accepted at a rampant level. Basically, it binds all people from two hundred countries that tend to do business in the UAE. Though Arabic tends to dominate the country when it comes to legal matters. English is widely popular on the internet. Even the international SEO services will be conducted in English.

When you are preparing a digital marketing strategy for the UAE market it is important to focus on the local nature of your business. It is going to increase the levels of trust in your business.

Off-site- where it is worth to build the links

When increasing the visibility of your site in search engine results pages, it is worth understanding which sources will be the most valuable for UAE-centric websites. You need to take into account the loyalty of the UAE customers to local modules it is a better practice to offer online catalogues with online businesses. SEO in Dubai is giving prominence to local businesses and you need to be included in places that increase the credibility of your online store or any other business that you own.

For online stores that do not have any premises, these catalogues may turn out to be the best choice. Though there are rankings or listings dedicated to the dedicated e-commerce store. Even Q&A sessions along with social networking sites allow you to post about your business and promote it in that way. You are likely to come across new partners and develop relationships with entrepreneurs or businessmen who have a similar profile like yours.

Showcasing to everyone that you exist with social media profiles

In order to increase the authority of the domain, it is recommended to post on company pages regularly on social media regularly. Surprisingly Pininterest is considered to be the second most popular social networking site in the UAE. This means that the platforms are worth investing your time and resources when it comes to international SEO. 

It is evident that well-managed social profiles increase the strength of the potential customers and it is easy to remain in touch with your company.

Appropriate website optimization- Important elements

It’s not necessary to combine link building with on-site website optimisation.. Still, it is worth mentioning a user-friendly UX that affects how clients navigate through your online store with the expertise of international SEO. The better the user experience the lower the chances of clients potentially leaving the website and feeling irritated by it. One of the important pointers is the quality and well-optimized content of your website that includes the right number of targeted keywords.

As English happens to be the popular language in the UAE you can resort to the use of well-known tools to find the best keywords. This would be of considerable help be it international SEO vs Asian SEO. For example, Google Search Console or Majestic as all of them are known to do a great job when searching for relevant phases.

To conclude by now you have an idea about what is international SEO. This opens up endless possibilities where it is worth to cash in on the benefits. The IT industry including SEO or SEM is growing rapidly and the interest in these services can be noticed easily. The fact that many firms with headquarters in MENA nations are prone to such scale downsizing would be particularly intriguing.. This means that there are different services or tasks that can be outsourced. It all relates to SEO in Dubai along with the design and marketing aspect. Since English is widely used international contractors may work with such companies.

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