An idea may be at an inception stage but you can hardly launch a product without a couple of competitors in the fray. There is better news though as analysing the competition you gain insight on how to outrank your competitors on Google.  There are a few steps that you need to follow in terms of outranking SEO and leaving your competitors behind in the race.

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Define the competition

Begin by building a list of the top competitors that you have. When it comes to outranking competition there are likely to be three types of competitors

  • Direct – they sell the same products and services as you. From the start, you will know them
  • Indirect- they sell other products or services, though they could have a product line that may be competing with yours.
  • Perceived- they provide a different product that can be an alternative to your product or service

Defining the main outranking competition SEO helps you to reach many goals. You will have insights into what your potential rivals are offering to your customers that you are not offering.

Prioritize traffic sources

One of the objectives of websites is to achieve significant traffic. But if it does not provide leads or money then it is deemed useless. Observe in terms of outranking SEO which are the areas where your website performs well and which sources provide you with significant traffic.

It would be great if you check out the traffic channels of your competitors. As we do not have access to the competitor’s dashboard it is better to rely on external services that rely on this competition.

Analysing competitors keywords

The issue with the competitor’s keywords is just like the traffic sources. What search terms they choose to target on the blog articles and product pages are left up to your guess.. There is a need to use keyword tools to figure out which keywords your competitors are targeting. When you obtain insights it gives you an idea of how to outrank your competitors on Google.

You may be enticed to use keywords that have the highest search volume. Though this move may turn out to be a wrong one. A better idea would be to intercept the competitor’s target audience in the process of purchase and drive the outrank competition SEO to your product itself.

For an SEO strategy content is the key to outranking the competition

The new sophisticated Google algorithm evaluates many things in your content. Your content should fall in the user’s search intent and resolve their queries in the best possible way. High-quality content is a must for outranking SEO competitors.

Analyze which topics your competitors cover that you have not considered yet. Be aware that you should be writing for people and not search engines. Use internal links to improve the rankings of multiple pages on your website.

Monitor mention of your competitors

Take a closer look at the online mention of your competitors. If you come across posts and articles of your competitors online it is a good opportunity to evaluate the source and reach out to the same media source to get your brand featured. You can mention a list of media alerts that define your outranking SEO competitors.

Setting up Google alerts is one of the easiest ways to keep abreast of your competitor’s intentions. Just zero in on your competitor’s brand names and set up the frequency alerts that you want to receive. You may keep an eye on social media mentions and comments related to the news.

Building backlinks to your website

Though the latest research indicates that backlinks are losing their importance as a major ranking factor, still they help a business to get higher in SERPs. Your competitors may also be aware of outranking SEO and the backlinks so you cannot afford to ignore them.

Outline the sources from where your competitors are obtaining backlinks. If you witness a sudden surge in the referring domain number, it means that outranking competitors’ building links were active during that period. Now is the time for you to follow the same.

Improve your website performance

The website’s performance has an impact on the user’s behaviour. A slow-loading website with poor navigation may turn off the visitors. A few of them will never come back. For this reason, website performance needs to be part of your SEO strategy in outranking competitors consistently. You need to get rid of anything that slows down your website

  • Removing unnecessary widgets or plug-ins that is not going to benefit the users in any way
  • Reducing the media file size. Choice of the tools that reduce the page sizes, videos and other multimedia without sacrificing the quality.

Optimizing your website for mobile search

The importance of mobile searches is enhancing day by day. More and more users are known to be shopping with their smartphones. The time that you are spending on the mobile phone exceeds the website. You cannot beat your competitors if you do not have your website optimized for mobile search

With a mobile-friendly test, you can check out the website’s mobile performance. Proceed to search the console and compare the desktop and mobile performance of your website. Figure out which are the areas that need to be fixed and improved.

Evaluate social signals

There isn’t any concrete proof that social signals affect search engine rankings.. But they are bound to enhance the degree of trust that your website avails from users. In the long run, it does help how to outrank your competitors on Google

To improve your social signals, you need to create engaging and relevant content that your users will share and discuss. There is no need to create different content for each platform that you are using. It is better if you rephrase the content in various forms on the different platforms.

Implementing SEO strategy to outrank the competitors

At no point in time, you should underestimate the competition. They could be part of the show and could be on the verge of implementing certain tips already shared above. So there is no time to rest. You need to incorporate SEO analysis as part of your competition which is a component of your digital marketing strategy.

To sum up things, no single-size approach is bound to work all. What might work for one brand might not work for another and eventually lose its effectiveness. So do not hesitate or discard the tactics that do not work for you. In addition, never stop learning from others when it comes to creating high-quality content.

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