Google Analytics has yet to gain traction among marketers. The notion is that it is awkward, as a few advertisers are a little dissatisfied with the novel programme that has been holding funerals for its predecessor, Universal Analytics. But what are the things I like about Google Analytics? Which four have shaken digital marketers? Below is a list of complaints from the perspective of a poll among the readers. Among them, there are a few that you may relate to.

1) User interface

GA’s user interface was by far the most frustrating issue for the readers. The user interface was criticized as slow and ridiculous.

  • In GA4, rather than being able to choose or deselect one or more segments from a single list and then click apply as in Universal, There is an option to customize or add a comparison; you may select a dimension from the long dropdown.
  • Even if it is only a few seconds difference, if you observe various patterns on a daily basis, it gets tedious to repeat those unnecessary UI moves if you are used to performing them quickly.
  • The same drop-down structure is used in creating or editing GA4 reports. The drop-down lists are long, and it is hard to find what you are looking for. You may zero in on partial names and more quickly find them once you know about them.
flaws of Google Analytics 4
Top 6 flaws of Google Analytics 4 that marketers hate

2) Data lag

Another major concern for marketers has been the same-date data delay on GA4. Advertisers are of the opinion that they need to monitor performance regularly and are confused about why the analytics function does not have an option for the same.

  • The data latency is termed a joke, taking 12 to 14 hours to report on what is happening and become an actionable tool.
  • Google could be moving computing power from UA, and so there is a possibility GA4 is expected to change.

3) No basic option

Some marketers explain that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Though some complex strategies may suit some, assessing the basic tools of GA4 is going to waste money and time to understand features that they do not need to use.

  • It has been observed that many bloggers and internet businesses have gone insane because of GA4. They are wasting time and stressing about this when they could be doing something else.
  • The fact of the matter is that online businesses and bloggers need only a simple set-up and an understanding of the basic reports. But no one is saying that this business would require churning in a lot of money on expensive courses and a lot of time in the creation of multiple custom reports.

4) Lack of resources

With most marketers struggling to figure out GA4, many are asking why Google has not provided educational resources explaining how the new tool works. The marketing team was of the opinion:

  • The majority of the answers were stuck in time courses through SMX or finally recognising a knowledgeable Google team person.
  • The documentation part is really lacking when there are major financial gaps or changes. The assumption is that we are trying to figure out how people replicate things when they are brought over.
  • Even a few of the members of Google’s own team were not up to the mark in terms of speed, making supporting calls confusing.

5) Data discrepancies

The marketers have raised concerns about GA4 data discrepancies. Differences in information have resulted in some worrying that the data being served may not be accurate. This leads to a situation where more and more people are questioning the validity of GA4.

  • • The issue is a misalignment between the GA4 API and the Looker Studio connection. Dimensions present in the API and by default in the GA4 reporting interface but not in the Looker Studio connector. The dimension of the landing page is one example.
  • The team at Google is working on that now that the landing page dimension is present. But this also means that you need to wait at least two days before UA data collection comes to an end. Then you need to adjust and check the numerous reports over and over again.
  • There is a need to explore viable alternatives to GA4.

6) Hard to use

GA4 has proven to be exceedingly tough to use for marketers across the board. Even seasoned advertisers are having difficulty navigating the new site.

  • GA4 is a mess, and it is far more difficult to use than UA. It is also absolutely counter-intuitive.
  • Drilling down by clicking is practically hard, as it was in UA.
  • It’s Google Analytics’ Windows Vista, and experts are sacred when they say it’s rubbish. But everyone knows the truth.

There is no need to press the panic button

Marketers have found the enforced migration of Universal Analytics to GA4 really tough, so it is reassuring to know that the challenge is felt all across the industry.

But irrespective of how difficult the adjustment levels may turn out, search marketing experts feel that it is important to be on board with Google’s latest analytics programme since it is expected to exist for a longer duration of time.

The reaction of people to the GA4 interface would be the same as when the platform changed its interface. People are not keen on change. Though GA4 is customizable, there are a lot of options for getting the reports to visualize information and obtain insights in a meaningful way.

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