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Business and technology conferences or events bring together the best of experience and expertise. It enables an organization to achieve a more robust performance based on its critical priorities. Hereby is the list of top 10 tech events in UAE that has grabbed all the headlines.

Global Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx

A flagship event hosted by Global Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx in Dubai in September 2022. As part of the Dubai Tech expo, the aim was to bring 150 to 200 IP counsel, Patent managers, heads of IP departments, Risk and compliance professionals, Trademark Managers, IP Tech Professionals along with Service Providers. Every lawyer participant attended this event as they had certain operational issues to solve. Finding solutions requires training and education, but meetings with the right service providers are necessary. The event helps them achieve both endeavors.

tech events in dubai
Top 10 Tech events in UAE

TECHSPO Dubai Technology Expo (Dubai, UAE)

An amalgamation of tech, innovation and business in Dubai! It is a two-day technology expo held in Dubai annually. The exhibition brings some of the best marketers, brands, innovators, brands, and developers to set the pace in our advanced world of technology. Be prepared to be amazed, inspired and educated on how these technologies will inspire your business for greater growth. If the conference is where theory, learning and inspiration happen, then the TECHSPO floor is where testing, production interaction and networking take place.

Marketing Mania

You can explore the future of marketing with the experts. It is an upcoming exhibition to be held from October 10 to October 13 in Dubai. The Dubai Tech conference brings the brightest creative minds and technological enthusiasts. The future of digital marketing is investigated through 5 G, AI and mobile advertising. This conference would encourage attendees to think about the traditional media to think outside of the traditional media. While content has a fundamental role to play, you should learn how to tap into the digital realm, to develop campaigns beyond the boundary. 

DigiMarCon Global Conference and Exhibition Series

DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing, advertising, and media conference and exhibition series in the world. It hosts the in-person 40 cities worldwide across 18 countries on an annual basis. The conference provides an ideal opportunity to explore an intimate and safe gathering with marketing professionals and experts in a hygienic and clean environment. Some of the thought-provoking media experts are part of the industry. You need to collaborate with your peers and develop a professional network.

tech events in dubai
Top 10 Tech events in UAE

Middle East Manufacturing & Technology Expo

Middle East Manufacturing & Technology Expo is one of the rare events dedicated to industrialization and manufacturing. This technology exhibition is a collaboration between Connect and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Abu Dhabi Department of tourism and culture, Etihad airways, Manufacturing Technologies Association, etc., the event has gone on to secure active participation from manufacturing and industrial firms from global and regional markets. During the three days of the event, you can obtain rich market insights into the current outlook of the manufacturing industry. Live product demonstrations and networking with 3000+ Professionals are anticipated once you attend the event.

GISEC Global

One of the anticipated upcoming tech events in Dubai has had outstanding success in the last year. It is the gathering of the leading cyber-security professionals from the cyber-security community globally. The global security experts come together under a global platform to devise strategies successfully across nations and sectors. As part of the event, there is a three-day of live hacking excitement where cyber thrillers and hackers engage with a community of 100+ hackers from all over the country. It includes the Info Sec professionals and government end users.

Emerging AI Data Driven Technologies- Sub Surface Applications along with case studies

The workshop is expected to address the new and emerging frontiers of AI technologies and data-centric solutions within the industry. It is one of the anticipated Tech Expo events drawing in a considerable amount of attention. The workshop is expected to integrate the subsurface professionals with domain experts in data science to integrate the ultimate solution and unleash the full potential for subsurface applications. An estimated 100 to 500 delegates are expected to be part of the event.

International conference on trends in technology and innovation

The e-conference is a federated organization that is dedicated to bringing together a number of scholarly events to be part of the conference program. Events will be part of the conference, depending on the length and time of the presentations. E-conferences will be held in person and visual module. The aim of this exhibition is to bring together academic scientists and research scholars to share their experiences and research results on all trends related to innovation and technology.


GITEX has gone on to establish itself as the number one tech fair for the tech industry. This upcoming technology exhibition in Dubai is expected to be held between October 9 to October 13 2022, at the world trade centre. As part of the exhibition, there are expected to be around 450,000 exhibitors with 10,000 trade visitors. The exhibition is expected to provide a broader spectrum of the industry and will fuel business success for the participants. If you are operating in the tech industry, then a visit to this exhibition is a definite must.

Conference on Science and Technology

The objective of the conference is to bring together worldwide professionals and researchers, foster intellectual development and develop opportunities for collaboration and networking. Students, Practitioners, educationalists and researchers need to be part of this conference. Some of the benefits of this conference are branding, certification, collaboration and publication. The association is known to provide scholarships to scholarly and needy students. All eligible members are invited to become a part of the membership team.

In a nutshell, these are some of the tech events in Dubai that are expected to attract a lot of the masses. Do you intend to be part of any one of them in the near future? 

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