Marketers have struggled with the forced shift to Google Analytics 4. Some marketers are having difficulty navigating the tool and have abandoned it. They have opted for alternatives to Google Analytics 4 that seemed unthinkable till a few years back.

But which are the Google Analytics 4 alternatives that people are switching to? Before we dig deep and figure out the up-and-coming analytics platforms that have become popular among devotees of Google Analytics

google analytics 4 alternatives
Top 5 Google Analytics 4 Alternatives That Marketers Can Switch To


People are considering Plausible to be one of the better alternatives to Google Analytics 4.

  • People ended their subscription to Plausible a couple of months ago for no reason as you do not need to rely on statistics anymore.
  •  GA4 is considered to be painful.
  • Even the use of UX is a delight

The cost of the Google Analytics 4 alternatives is $ 99. The reason why Plausible is popular in comparison to GA4 is that it is easy to use. It is with the aid of the EU General Data Protection Regulation( GDPR) and is relatively low cost. It also keeps track of important basic facts. in the form of session duration, page reviews and information of referrers. The drawback is that the functionality tends to be basic.


Marketers are of the opinion that

  • The pivot to Semrush and resort to the use of first-party data collected from customers rather than bothering GA4.
  • • GA4 is an incomplete product that was hurried to market.

The prices start from $ 195. 95 a month. Semrush has always been popular as one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics 4. A few marketers are making it their go-to tool rather than Google Analytics. This application may be used to study rival keywords, trends, and more in addition to tracking keyword rankings, content gaps, and backlink profiles.


People consider Matomo as one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics 4 due to the following reasons.

  • People tend to subscribe to Matomo for day-to-day quick checks
  • GA4 is kept for Google Ads and API stuff but that is not about it
  • Seems really good so far, familiar interface and have imported all the legacy data in

If it is provided on the servers, the cost is nothing. Matomo is well-known for offering a configurable dashboard, real-time data, and extensive reports, making it an appealing alternative for marketers who prefer universal analytics.=GA . On this platform, users are provided complete control over the data. It also has an array of privacy features relating to an extra layer of security.


It is considered to be the best among Google Analytics 4 alternatives due to the following reasons

  • The feeling is that SEOs are migrating to Google Analytics 4 as it is convenient and has the tag of Google behind it. But in reality, it is not that good
  • They are not spending the time to evaluate the alternatives and convince clients there are better options for use.
  • People tend to set up GA4 as back- up and use Fathom as the main analytics/ reporting tool
  • If you intend to utilize GA4 as the primary tool, you may need to put up a few screens in Looker Studio, however there are some metrics you will be missing at this time.

The plan starts at $ 14. Fathom is rated to be the best Google Analytics 4 alternatives as the focus is on privacy and it is easy to use. Unfortunately, the program does not provide the complex data that GA4 does, but it turns out to be a great option for marketers who want a lightweight website analytics tool


Marketers have switched over to Clicky and they have their own reasons

  • For a lot of them they switched over to Clicky and GA4 seems a joke to them.
  • With Clicky you can see all the sites in a single glance
  • People tend to have two GA4 accounts and they switched over to Clicky as the latter sucks.
  • No one is worried about Google finding all the sites as they probably are aware

Clicky has a free option along with four paid options. Most marketers have gone on to claim that it is a superior Google Analytics 4 alternatives.  People who have switched over so far seems to be true seem to be fans of how easy the real-time platform is easy to use. The features of heat mapping, mobile capability and backlink analysis hold true.

To conclude if you are struggling to come to terms with GA4 then you may be thinking of alternative platforms. There are numerous possibilities available, and you must be informed of which one to select. It is through reading the reviews of your peers who have already tried and used GA4.

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