If you are feeling confident, after the sunset of Google Analytics, you may boost your confidence with the expertise of the GA4 training course. Marketers have been spending a lot of time coming to grips with Google Analytics 4 and the better news is that there are some positive vibes about Google Analytics 4 training.

There are numerous plethora of credible resources and courses that will enhance your confidence and understanding on how to use the Google Analytics platform. Before is a list of the top 5 Google Analytics 4 training courses that you may want to consider.

google analytics 4 training
Top 5 Google Analytics 4 Training Courses To Consider

1) SMX Master class: Google Analytics Training

Cost- $299

Duration- 2 days

Level- Advanced

Colleen Harris is running the Master class course online live on August 16 and August 17th. The objective of the course is the practical application of GA4. So much has been gotten out of GA4 now is the time to find out what can be done with GA4

  • A comparison of UA and GA4 data after the move to GA4
  • Understanding the process to build audiences to use with advertising along with deep insights into the advertising report in GA4
  • Best practices of custom reporting and libraries.
  • The procedure for utilising GTM for custom events and parameters

2) Getting started using Google Analytics

Cost- Free

Duration- 1 hour

Level- Beginners

Google has created their own curriculum to assist newcomers with the fundamentals of GA4. There is no prerequisite knowledge required. and it is not going to cost you a single penny. The objective of the session is to set up your own team and validate data. It touches on the following points

  • Using GA4 to grow your business
  • How Google Analytics handles data
  • Setting up your website for data collection
  • How to create your GA4 account and property
  • Confirmed data is collected.
  • Manage account access and settings
  • Metrics and dimensions

3) Google Analytics 4( GA4)

Cost- $600

Duration- 1 day

Level- Three learning levels- principal, intermediate and advanced

The course was formulated by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is one of the best Google Analytics 4 training courses. It is available in person and in the online domain. The course guides marketers on how to implement GA4 and showcases the advantages that it has over GA4. The key components of the course are

  • Insights provided by AI
  • Customer-centric data measurements
  • New map reading and reporting.
  • Customize reports
  • Enhanced ecommerce broadcasting
  • Using explore reports
  • More in-depth audience integration with Google Ads.
  • • Customer lifecycle reporting

4) Becoming Great at Google Analytics 4

Cost- $ 299

Duration- 5 hours 9 minutes

Level – Intermediate

The aim of the course is to touch marketers everything they need to know about getting started with GA4. There is an array of topics from data integration to funnels to pathing reports. After completion of the course, the participants are given a certificate. The key components of the course are

  • Understanding why GA4 is the future of Google Analytics, and why getting started now is important

Being aware of the new event data-driven model GA4 uses and the manner by which it is familiar to other analytical solutions.

  • There is an ability to leverage the enterprise features that were only available in Google Analytics 360 that included the Big Query funnels, integration and unsampled data.
  • Creating an augmentation plan for dual tagging or migration of current Google Analytics features

5) Getting to know GA4

Cost- $ 347( three payments of $ 125 each)

Duration- 37 lessons

Level – Advanced

This is one of the best GA4 training courses to help advertisers understand the future potential of the module. An explanation of the platform is made on how to navigate the platform, get their GA4 set up and compile reports. Students should feel confident in their data analysis and use of GA4 features after completing the course.

  •  How to get started with GA4
  •  Primary navigation
  • Secondary navigation
  • Uses of explore
  • Advanced leveraging of GA4

The issues with GA4

The general feeling is that there are a lot of differences between GA4 and workflow updates. There are considerable differences between UA and GA4 which the marketers find challenging. So a GA4 training course is a necessity.

  • In GA4 and workflow updates there are a lot of new features. This is also a time when most of digital marketers are trying to do a lot with less effort, and it is another thing added to the mix

The attrition changes with GA4 are presently posing the biggest issue to marketers.

  • The folks are used to obtaining a lot of data from Google, and the reality of marketing is that we will be able to obtain less data, and have to do the same with it.

Has Google gone on to provide enough help

Marketers have expressed worry that Google has not offered them enough assistance in terms of their heads around GA4.. Hence, they are left with no option apart from a GA4 training course to brush up their skills. Google has done their best when it comes to complying with deadlines it had to meet and the large volume of people they are dealing with. All these UA codes come up with knowledge and skills, so trying to educate so many people at different levels is no mean feat in itself.

The reasons why marketers should invest in GA4 training

Marketers require access to the data underlying their campaigns in order to monitor results. It then generates reports and makes adjustments to optimize ROI.  So, the advertisers should gain the necessary confidence with the Google Analytics 4 training course. The data is going to flow, and GA4 is not going to go far away soon. So, the more you stay away from it the harder it tends to become.

Apart from knowing the essentials, there are numerous benefits of GA4 that may make a considerable difference to your campaign. The conversion point is one of the features of GA4 training, that allows you to understand early, mid and touch points before the conversion occurs. It opens up a lot in terms of understanding before the conversion occurs.

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