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Customer Experience Trends 2022

There have been a growing interest in customer experience (CX) trends as businesses found themselves needing to adapt to the expedition of technology use, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Focusing on customer experience in marketing can give your business an 80% revenue increase because 65% of customers become loyal when you are able to provide excellent CX at every interaction on their journey.

Here are CX trends 2022:
Embrace AI

Carrying over some customer service trends 2021 taught us into the new year, your business will need Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to stay competitive. A majority of businesses have plans to deploy AI within the next two years so that bots will be able to self-learn and engage with customers to provide the necessary problem-solving tools.

So far, AI and machine learning have been used in order to cater to 67% of customers’ preference of self-service options as opposed to fully depending on a representative to solve their problems.

Customers Want Their Data Secure and Protected

Customers are willing to provide their personal information to have a more pleasant CX but data breaches are business killers and a financial burden too.

Despite how crucial customer information security is, the average cost of a data breach last year, globally, was $3.86 million. Luckily, security automation has the potential to significantly reduce this.

Step up your cyber security game by investing in:
Employee education
Authentication and authorization

CX Sets You Apart

CX statistics have shown that 9 out of 10 companies are competing solely on customer experience.

So, global businesses have agreed that CX had taken over business price and products as the primary competitive differentiator.

Be Transparent with Data

Two-thirds of consumers consider data transparency as an attractive quality in an organization which will continue to be critical among the digital customer experience trends.

Even if your competitors are starting to become a threat, 75% of consumers will continue to purchase your products or avail of your services if they trust you.

Empathy and Emotive Technology Wins

Having a customer-centric culture is the key to 2022 and onwards. As a business, you must be able to identify and address physical and emotional customer needs in order to provide empathy in customer service.

While your employees can help with customer empathy, you can also take advantage of the data that emotive technology provides as well as the benefits it has for your customers.

You can increase your revenue 1.4 times faster than your competition that is non-customer-focused and your customers feel valued and understood.

Not Just Personalization, Hyper-Personalization

Customers will continue to expect more than just a personalized customer experience, but hyper-personalization.

Customer personalization has led to 49% of consumers making impulse purchases so just imagine what that statistic will be like if you can offer more than just purchase history and provide hyper-personalized recommendations.

This can include:

  • Personalised advertisements and e-mails
  • Personalised videos
  • Real-time customization
Top CX Trends: How Businesses Are Winning
Get Analytical

Get to know your customers and their experiences this year! Customer experience analytics can help you understand what your customers’ behaviour is like, what expectations they have, and what you may need to focus on more this year.

Be part of the 58% of businesses that have seen an increase in their customer loyalty and retention by using customer data analysis.

Customer insight, in tandem with machine learning, can provide knowledge and ease.

Multiple Channels Make Customers Happy

Omnichannel user experience is going to be a CX basic need. Half of the businesses are already using a minimum of 8 channels for omnichannel CX because customers want a consistent and seamless experience.

You will need to be able to provide your customers with a unified and connected interaction online, offline, and when they switch from a live chat to e-mail. Customers also expect a quality mobile customer experience with 50% of customers claiming to stop visiting a website that has not been optimised for their mobile device. Here comes the role of a mobile app development company with strong industry experience in creating the most user-friendly interfaces that guarantee success.

Join the 84% of customer-centred businesses that are focused on upgrading their customers’ mobile experience.

Communication Via Video

Last year, 85% of consumers wanted to see more videos from businesses because they are engaging, immersive, and informative. When marketers use videos, CX is elevated because your customers are focused and learning about your identity and culture.

In fact, 97% of marketers believe that videos actually help your customers understand what you have to offer.

Listen to Your Customers’ Voices

The last of the customer experience trends you can expect to see this year is that customers will be making the most out of voice search features and voice-enabled virtual assistants (VAs).

Integrate voice recognition technology to give your customers a more natural experience by asking for assistance with transactions from your business.

With voice commerce sales predicted to reach around $40 billion this year, it is evident that consumers want their voices to be heard.

Getting Ahead with GTECH

Customers are willing to pay more for your products or services when they experience top-notch CX, so stay ahead of the competition and invest in your customers’ experience with GTECH.

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