If you are able to measure something then there is scope for improvement. When proper SEO Kpi metrics are there, it gives you an idea of where you are currently and what SEO brings to your marketing efforts. SEO KPI reporting bridges the gap between your business and marketing objectives, and the data available in SEO tools and analytics.

seo kpis to track

The definition of SEO KPIs

SEO  KPI metrics are used to evaluate performance. They track the visibility of traffic and how it fares in relation to your goals. Such metrics will quantify traffic from major search engines like Google and Bing with the real-world results of SEO strategies and tactics. This includes sales and leads.

Using SEO KPIs

Careful measurement along with a tracking system provides a control system to ensure that the tactics deliver results and the time and effort are spent on productive tasks. Diligent metrics also provide feedback on whether your tactics are working and will notify you about the changes in the search landscape of algorithm impact performance.

KPIs can be outlined to provide understandable metrics for all stakeholders. Due to this, the marketing team will need extra time to make sure that time is spent wisely on SEO rather than PPC. The board, however, will only be required to pay attention to the highest level of performance indicators.. Tailoring the KPIs to your situation is the key for SEO KPIs to track.

Objectives and KPIs

SEO KPIs to track would be an extension of your overall business and marketing goals. You ensure that you aim at relevant goals by evaluating your SEO goals as an extension of your overall marketing goals. The SEO KPI metrics then track the performance towards that goal. 

They force you to ask whether the SEO performance drives the goal. If this is not the case then what can be done about it? This is really important but often overlooked

SEO can be complex and you need clear-cut objectives and ways to measure progress towards those goals. It ensures that the time and effort are spent wisely in pursuing the goals.

SEO KPI process

Below is a simple process that you can use to determine your KPI goals and objectives

Determination of SEO goals

Starting off you need to identify your SEO objectives. What are the significant goals you hope to accomplish during the next few days? You must express in detail how the SEO objectives can support the overarching business goals in order for them to be connected to the defined organisational goals.

The right approach is dependent upon your business, but whatever measure you choose the goals should be measurable, relevant and time-bound.

Defining what you measure

Next, it comes to defining what you measure. The measurement metrics may be thought of as steps and each one of them should take you to the overall goal. Like the goals that you want, at least 3 to 5 measurement metrics are necessary for every goal. Once the goals are achieved, you should be able to determine whether your strategy is valid or not.

Decide the length of the cycle

A golden rule to consider SEO KPI reporting is undertaken on a monthly basis. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Although you may monitor keyword ranks regularly, you can also evaluate them monthly. Even you would be wanting, quarterly, or yearly reports.

Remember with SEO you will be able to obtain tangible results like sales or leads where your keywords rank and obtain high traffic. Factor progress towards that factor into your overall length cycle.

Review and reflect

The goal is to review each KPI individually and evaluate performance.

  • What is working
  • What are the things that can be done next month

The objective of SEO KPI reporting is to evaluate your approach and think critically about what is working and what is not. Think along the lines that it is an experiment as the KPIS is the best way to validate your hypothesis. Be flexible and be ready to adapt and change your tactics based on the results.

Example SEO KPIs

There are plenty of SEO indicators available to monitor your operations.. You are likely to come across data points, from SEO tools like Google Seach Console and Google Analytics to commercial SEO tools.

Though there is a lot of data that is available in the native format Google analytics and commercial SEO tools end up confusing more than the delivery insight. The purpose of  SEO KPIs to track is to make the metrics useful. A point to consider is do not follow the metrics blindly below. It is better if you connect them to your SEO goals.

SEO keywords

First is the list being the old SEO stalwart of keywords. Tracking keywords in SEO is a complex process as there are numerous elements involved. However, it is still important that you show progress towards your goals and understand how much traffic a given keyword can provide.

When tracking keywords, integrate various elements to give a comprehensive picture. You can keep an eye on links, organic impressions, and rankings.. It all depends on the SERP layout a top 5 keyword can do little when it comes to clicks. With time progressing with this level of detail in your keyword KPIs, you will be aware of what works and what does not.  This is going to be part of your overall strategy and goal-setting.

SEO metrics

SEO tools provide traditional metrics. Most of these elements developed around Google Page Rank and their aim is to provide scores at the site and page level. Though these metrics are helpful at an individual level they mean nothing. To provide accurate context they need to be compared with the competitors.

You need to measure that the perceived trust and authority of the site will correlate with an increase in the ranking of the main search items and the amount of organic traffic that is received. These metrics are important but they do not talk in the language of the business.

Business-specific objective-oriented KPIs

The category poses challenges to creating a general example. But it is important to figure out from a reporting perspective. All that can be done is to connect the business objectives with the SEO strategy via KPIs. Once the KPIs provide a detailed overview of what you want it is more about a case of structuring them to align with your goals and reporting them accurately.

The SEO work has more value than providing a keyword ranking. It is known to provide real value to the business, reduce marketing efforts and develop the core.

Understanding contributes to trust and enhanced confidence

There is a temptation to think SEO tracking is a mere task but it may be underselling things. You need to be aware that your work provides value to the business beyond moving up the search results for a few keywords. By now you will be aware of what provides real value to your business beyond just moving up the search results for a few keywords.

SEO KPIs provides you with insights on

  • Understanding what works
  • Figure out which tactical elements drive results
  • Develop a strategic understanding of marketing throughout the process.

SEO reporting has become an actual strategic process. This contributes to the process of critical thinking and formulating a creative approach when it comes to SEO.

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