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SEO strategies are already shifting to accommodate the change that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is bringing about. With virtual environment optimization (VEO) emerging as a new strategy and result of advancing technology, how and where is this growth being used today? Here’s a rundown on the real-world sectors that VEO is currently being utilized in and is predicted to make an impact in. 

The Benefits of Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO)

While the virtual environment is a relatively new concept being used in the real world today, industries utilizing virtual and augmented reality have been seeing the following results:

  • Innovative revenue streams
  • Better engagement and more participation
  • Real-time information and data analytics
  • In-depth consumer or user data and behavior
  • Enhanced training facilitation
  • More remote working and collaboration opportunities
  • Immersive experiences
  • Improved product and service development
VEO (Virtual environment optimization) in the Real World

Utilizing VEO, world market leaders are starting to realize the potential that VR and AR have. Today, virtual environment optimization is used in the following sectors:

Household Essentials

Virtual reality household products are becoming widely accepted as VR and AR advance. Currently, household essentials are purchased online with the help of websites, mobile applications, and delivery services. The future of grocery stores may be simply putting on a headset that will take you to a virtual version of your local grocery where you can browse through different products and purchase them.

AR is currently used in the home goods sector and is being optimized for mobile use. Customers can use this technology to see how certain products (e.g., a sofa) will look in their living room instead of heading out to a brick-and-mortar store or imagining what a product will look like from browsing through a virtual catalog. 

Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO) - A rundown on the real-world sectors
Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO) – A rundown on the real-world sectors

Marketers will be able to take advantage of virtual environment optimization through geo-targeting, ratings, and reviews in real-time. VR in marketing is being used to promote services and products via digital experiences. Virtual reality marketing can also take advantage of promotions that are done in virtual environments to showcase the development of a business’s products and services. A virtual environment optimization strategy will become essential as technology continues to advance.


Virtual reality clothing has advanced over the past few years. Virtual reality fashion (VRF) allows potential customers to try on different accessories and garments using augmented reality. VR clothing creates more personalized experiences between consumers and a brand. 

Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO) - A rundown on the real-world sectors
Tourism and Travel

It is no surprise that virtual reality and tourism are intertwined especially with the recent boom in virtual environments. Not only is virtual reality used for travel to other worlds, but VR and AR are used to showcase tourist destinations in the real world. 

Other Services

Virtual reality services that focus on immersive AR will continue to be used to create engaging and interactive websites. Search engines may also deem virtual environment optimization necessary in order to showcase relevant products and services and increase a search engine’s credibility. There is much to expect from the upcoming VR services from different industries and only time will tell how each sector utilizes these technologies to become market leaders. 

Virtual Environment Optimization is the Future

Virtual environment optimization or VEO is definitely the future of SEO in virtual reality commerce as AR and VR are more and more adopted and optimized for various business needs. As we can see from the emerging uses of virtual environment optimization, today’s real-world applications are just the tip of the iceberg.