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From time to time, there is a new buzz in the market that attracts everyone’s attention. Virtual reality is now the emerging trend that most brands are either already using or planning to do so. Since 2019, VR technology has been increasingly integrated into various marketing, promotion, and advertising tactics. 

You can probably think of a few strategies to promote an event with maximum results, but none of them can match virtual reality activations. The outstanding innovation and creativity you can experience with VR are simply breathtaking and instrumental in impressing and engaging large-scale event attendees. 

VR Activations for Your Next Event

VR event activations can be found just about anywhere in the world to showcase product launches, promote brand events, and spice up customer celebrations. Today, there are many types of events that use the power of VR, including:

  • Experiential campaigns
  • In-store brand activation
  • Trade shows
  • In-store events
  • Promotions
  • Samples and free trial campaigns

But VR events & activations can also be challenging if you do not have the technical know-how. The real challenge with virtual reality events & activations is creating the “first impression” to make an impact. Here are a few tips on how to create an unforgettable memory with VR event activations.

Captive Audience, Active Audience!

We have all had interactive learning experiences, whether in our childhood home backyard learning how to throw a ball or in a high school science lab learning how to mix and burn cool-looking chemicals. We vividly remember all these because we had a so-called “interactive experience,” which burned into our memory.

The Same Experience

VR event activations do pretty much the same thing. One key difference: they may not enthusiastically look forward to the experience! But with virtual reality events & activations, you have an effective way to engage users. 

Using noise-canceling headphones or screening an immersive video with multiple headsets synced to a master controller allows the audience to share a wonderful experience.

Design the Conversion Journey

Using VR activations for events has one drawback. It is so fascinating that it can distract you and the participants from the real purpose of the get-together. So you need to ensure they remember your brand when they return home. How? 

Goal Setting

First, you need to clarify one thing. What do you want people to remember? Strategic planning and setting SMART goals are central to any marketing campaign. Whatever your goals are, they must qualify for these five characteristics:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

For example, you may want to target a specific audience segment and increase their conversion. Or perhaps, you want to establish a strong connection with current clients and improve customer retention. Maybe your goal is to increase brand awareness in general. 

Translating your vision into specific and quantifiable goals can help you identify the best practices to achieve them. It can also facilitate the assessment process, allowing you to track your performance record and compare it with the expected results.

VR Activations for Your Next Event
Customize! Customize! Customize!

VR activations for events can fail if you want to copy a successful experience. With such detailed technological advances, carefully choose the right environment, content, and audience. Some events work best in loud and noisy venues, while others require a small, private, and quiet space. The environment can have a critical impact on the VR experience you plan.

Know the venue like the back of your hand, then make the most of every square inch, using signposts to create a memorable experience. A crowded space can overwhelm the audience and diminish the optimal impact. It’s best to simplify the process with clear instructions and leave only significant parts to the imagination. 

Know Your Target Audience

In addition to the environment, knowing your audience is a critical factor in customizing VR for events & activations. Before you host an event, you need to make sure your audience is familiar with the technology. If necessary, you can even launch a pre-event tutorial to teach attendees how to enjoy VR for events & activations.

Enjoy the Ride

If you’re too busy selling your products or promoting your brand, you’ll miss out on the magic of virtual reality. It’s not always about the hard sell. The main thing is creating a long-lasting experience, probably for a group of people experiencing VR for the first time.

This transcendental quality shouldn’t be overshadowed by other objectives because this powerful tool at your disposal can easily lead to mixed feelings. So instead of worrying too much about promoting your brand, focus on creating a custom environment that reflects your brand’s identity. 

And rest assured, allowing your guests to walk through your exhibit and feel immersed in a friendly environment is much more effective than any other marketing tactic. Well-executed virtual reality events & activations build solid connections with prospects. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

Final Word on VR Event Activations

Experimenting with virtual reality for activations and brand events is a rare opportunity to tell a memorable story. Old-school marketers may not want to accept that VR is replacing face-to-face methods, but it is. Technology has evolved in such an enchanting way so far that there’s no reason to expect it to stop.

Besides, the benefits of integrating this cutting-edge technology far outweigh any possible costs. Follow the tips above, develop a foolproof strategy, and turn your investment into a significant profit. You can be sure that no one will forget your name after a VR event!

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