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We all know what it means by sending an RSVP; it means please reply or please respond. Sending an RSVP was not new but dated back decades. The term comes from the French and has been part of many events in our busy lives. People are busy and have multiple things to balance and sending out an RSVP is a kind act for both parties.

Whatever the event might be, people expect to receive an RSVP along with an invitation and there will be a rule to fill out the RSVP so that the host can contemplate and organize the event in advance. Taking a guest list using RSVPs is normal and regarded as the best practice by event management companies as well as hosts. Online RSVP got popular during covid -19 outbreak as the world went into a halted situation all of a sudden. 

Why has Online RSVP Become the Norm for Event Planners?
Importance of RSVPs

RSVPs are generally very grand and expensive in nature as they require so much effort, paper and money to send out along with an invitation. Events have described any occurrence at a given time and place. It is a unique blend of duration, setting and management of people. An event management company plan and details every aspect of events whether it is a wedding or a success party of someone. Creating and sending out RSVPs is one of the main important steps in event management. It is very crucial as a quick response from the invited guest can affect the whole planning.

Event management companies are investing a lot of effort and planning to host an ideal event whether it is a wedding or birthday party. They are well-equipped with everything from planning to execution. When an event occurs the host lets the participants understand the importance of the event and give them time to feel their convenience as well as choose their participation options using an RSVP. 

Generally, an RSVP is prepared in a print format choosing a varied style, design and content depending on the event and targeted guest list. It is prepared in advance and sent out to receive a quick response from the invited guest. It is a way to politely ask the guest to respond to the invitation at the earliest so that the host can freely prepare other aspects of the event. 

RSVPs are turning into digital

We have seen the importance and regular norm of sending out an RSVP via post. Now the story is very different as RSVPs of many planned events are sent out in a digital format. Online RSVP is the new normal and trend. Hosts and event management companies alike prefer online RSVPs for various reasons. 

  • COVID-19 forced a surge in virtual events

In early 2020, we have seen the world halted due to the global medical emergency of COVID-19. The sudden surge of the pandemic forced many events to go smaller or be completely virtual. Therefore, sending an online RSVP has been seen as a norm for many. Both in-person and digital events are managed and organized by event planners. People were stuck in their homes without any choice and events has to take place virtually after the covid-19 outbreak. That is how sending an online RSVP came into practice. Today, many event management companies offer websites and software to prepare tailored RSVPs to procure the final guest list. 

  • Lower cost

Hosting and organizing an event itself; whether it is minor or major is a plush business. For instance, business events are scalable depending on the size of the organization that is hosting them. The same holds for if you are choosing a traditional RSVP card to procure your guest list for the event. The RSVP you are preparing has to be printed on fine paper and the content also needs to be customised.

The whole process of procuring the paper, and determining the design and content takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, preparing an online RSVP is comparatively less expensive. It does not require any paper, post amenity or printing. All you need to do is customize your RSVP card and send it to the intended guest list. 

Why has Online RSVP Become the Norm for Event Planners?
  • Convenience

Online RSVPs are not only less expensive compared to traditional RSVPs but very convenient to use for participants. They come in handy and the guests can easily put consent or dissent to the invited event. It only takes a few seconds to let the event planner or the host understand your participation.


RSVP is an abbreviation derived from the French language meaning please respond or please reply. It has been the best way to get notified whether the invited guest will attend the event or not. The world is still in a state of flux, going back to normal in-person meetings can be seen everywhere. Even though, experts in the industry understand that virtual and hybrid meetings will also remain despite lucid restrictions due to the global pandemic. So, sending out online RSVPs will also remain more popular than ever.

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