When it comes to the AI landscape in 2023, ChatGPT has gained prominence for a considerable period of time. The AI chatbot’s immense capabilities have turned the simple website into a bookmark that millions visit every day. But Google has been waiting with its own ChatGPT competitor. After months of waiting, Google Bard is finally out and available to a few selected users. Among the lucky few, there is a need to analyze the difference between Google Bard vs ChatGpt for response comparison and a head-on feature.

So, if you are looking to figure out the differences between Google Bard vs ChatGpt, let us dig deep into the details.

google bard vs chatgpt
Will Google Bard Replace ChatGPT?

What are Google Bard and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is developed by Open AI, a San Francisco-based company, based on its language models. After its release, the company soared in popularity due to its expansive capabilities. Due to its extremely capable GIPT-3 model, it can perform all sorts of complex tasks like writing codes, stories, or essays and proving life advice.

Google Bard – Latest AI Chatservice, for the long term, is considered to be a rival to ChatGPT, an experimental conversational device. Google has trained Bard on its own set of data, and the company promises it will deliver fresh, quality responses. This includes some of the things that ChatGPT may not be able to do. Though ChatGPT is open to all, Google Bard is restricted in terms of usage.

Google Bard vs. ChatGPT: Major Differences

By now, you should have an idea about both types of chatbots. Let’s understand the major differences. A comparison of Google Bard vs. ChatGPT has got people thinking. Though both of them have their own capabilities, there are a few differences between them. A few important among them are

Coding proficiency

The main reason people use ChatGpt is that it is coded for them. The AI chatbot is capable of writing complex code in a variety of languages. Anyone who has been on Twitter for a while knows that people have been using ChatGPT to create names and full-fledged chatbots.. The AI chatbot can only output code but can easily debug multiple instances of it.

Google Bard has not been able to officially code until now. But we tried Bard to code, and it rendered JavaScript and HTML code. But we fed the same to ChatGPT, which came across a few errors in Bard’s code. Naturally, it corrected them, and the code was ready to use. So, it is quite evident that ChatGPT has the upper hand when it comes to coding.

Multiple answers

When you ask ChatGPT for answers, unless told otherwise, it will provide a single output. The bot is capable of rendering numerous variations and can go as high as the users want it. Though this default response to questions may turn out to be an annoying factor for some,

Google Bard outputs different variations of the same answer. You may refer to them as draughts of the chatbot, which allows users to choose any one of them, and each of them may have a different source when it comes to accuracy.

google bard vs chatgpt
Will Google Bard Replace ChatGPT?

Conversion retention

A variety of AI chatbots these days have improved conversion retention. For all those who are not aware, this chatbot will take you back to what you said earlier and draw on it for future answers. ChatGPT possesses a level of conversational retention. But it is not able to access past conversations to form responses.

Bard is currently bad at holding context. When asked a follow-up question after a routine question, Google Bard will throw up a different answer. Google has specifically stated that Bard’s ability to hold conceptual information is limited for now. Once the bot continues to learn, so too does its conceptual ability.

Internet access

A major drawback of ChatGPT is limited internet access. The AI chatbot utilizes a dataset that has no knowledge of events that will occur after September 2021, even if you have the most recent GPT model. This makes the bot prone to factual errors when you compare it to ones that can access the internet, like Microsoft Bing AI.

Fortunately, Google Bard has real-time access to the internet. Bard AI can do online searches and generate responses to all of your queries, much like Bing. This makes finding accurate information free of factual inaccuracies incredibly effective.

Language support

The latest GPT-4 language model of ChatGPT has added support for a lot of languages. It makes ChatGPT a capable bot that can speak fluently in a lot of languages.

Google Bard only supports the English language for now. The AI bot believes it can make Bard speak in other languages today, despite Google’s claims that it is doing so. Only time will tell which languages are added first.


It is safe to say that Google Bard AI can effortlessly create replies and not botch them up at all in this age of extensive internet access. Bard AI is prone to hallucinations and emerges with false information. Even if it’s not their objective, AI has a tendency to spread false information while thinking it’s accurate.

ChatGPT is too prone to hallucinations. But the latest GPT 4 model claims to have reduced hallucinations by 35% in comparison to ChatGPT3. Since Bard is the first iteration of the company, it will go through its own stages of errors and hallucinations before it improves.

Crediting sources

AI is typical of AI chatbots, as they all output data from datasets. Both Bard and ChatGPT have specific datasets from which they may infer answers. But AI bots like Bing and Google Bard also have access to the internet. A combination of these factors allows the bots to rephrase information and provide it to users.

Though Google Bard has real-time access to the internet, in some cases it does a poor job of rephrasing information. Although ChatGPT is unable to access the internet, it successfully rephrases material. So, when it comes to proper sources, Microsoft Bing AI does the job.

google bard vs chatgpt
Will Google Bard Replace ChatGPT?

Who is the winner?

In our comparison of Google Bard and ChatGPT, an interesting story unfolds. Google has a few benefits, including internet access, and it is evident that ChatGPT is leading the race. Things are expected to change as the Silicon Valley giant refines the model with data and emerges with more features. Till then, we have the full capability of ChatGPT to play around with. There are a series of ChatGPT alternatives that fit the bill.

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