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01/ About the Project

Allfunds MF Connection 2020 is an event organized by Allfunds bank for all their partners. As the world’s largest and only independent institutional fund distribution network, Allfunds offers its clients unique access to more than 663 agreements with clients in over 50 countries

02/ Hightlights

  • Digital Attendee Management Solution
  • RSVP Management Solution
  • Event Marketing

03/ Creating a dedicated website to drive registrations to the event

The Allfunds MF Connection 2020 website was created to process all online registrations and displayed key information such as event location, agenda and speakers.

04/ Creating EDM Invites

The email invitations allowed users to register through the website or add the event to their calendar for future reminders.

05/ Guest RSVP management system

We handled the registrations for the event through a smart digital application for guest management. It offered two options for visitors:

Register: We had a custom built form linked to our RSVP Accepted List, where attendees’ data were saved, and on successful registration, an automated confirmation email was sent.

Decline: Upon declining to attend the event, the visitor was linked to Decline List, and no further communications were sent.

06/ Attendee management system 

Our attendee management system for Allfunds MF Connection 2020 was able to track attendees and provide detailed campaign reports like deliverability, open rates, click rates, etc.

Allfunds Mutual Funds Connection 2020 by GTECH
Allfunds Mutual Funds Connection 2020 by GTECH
Allfunds Mutual Funds Connection 2020 by GTECH