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01/ Overview

Filo is an Ed Tech App which helps students clear their doubts by asking questions to qualified tutors listed on the app, which in return helps them score better in their academics. Filo is an Indian startup and wanted to enter the UAE market to expand its growth.

02/ Objective

Filo’s objective In UAE was to increase their audience base and get as many installs as possible with a limited Budget.

03/ Action

  1. As there app has only launched on Android, We set up universal app install campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram targeting youngsters and their parents who’s kids are still in school and could use this app to their benefit.
  2. We tested multiple creatives, Videos, Statics and Text ads for these campaigns and filtered out the ones that were not performing well which helped optimize the campaigns even further. 

04/ Result

We achieved 2,053 installs in the first month, with a limited budget and low cost per installs.