Best CSS Web Gallery

01/ Overview

Sharjah Government hosts an annual photography competition called Xposure, where they invite photographers all over the world to submit their entries and participate in there competition.

They have different categories under which participants can submit their photographs. This year they approached GTECH to Promote their Independent Photojournalists Award category while indirectly creating awareness about the competition as a whole.

02/ Objective

Drive Traffic to the Independent Photojournalists Award landing page on their website while then leads to registration + Awareness.

03/ Action

  1. Based on search volumes, available audience metrics and the potential reach of the target audience we created an estimated media plan for the client which was a mix of website clicks, Video views and conversions leading through the first two objectives.
  2. We opted for SEM, YouTube Instream, Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  3. Facebook, Instagram and SEM ads were website traffic ads redirecting users to then desired landing page. YouTube In-stream ad was set to spread awareness and hence was running with an objective of video views with a CTA button redirecting the users to the Xposure website.
  4. For the SEM campaign we went with two ad groups, 1. A Responsive Search ad and 2. A Dynamic Search Ad. We targeted users by targeting relevant keywords based on search volumes and adding audience segments to the targeting. This helped us optimize the ad better and lead to a high conversion rate.
  5. Testing out different variations of target audiences for the Facebook and Instagram ad helped us cross the estimated traffic and increase the user traffic on the website.
  6. For the YT ad we targeted users based on custom intent and In – Market audience to capture them when they are either searching for things related to topic or who have an intent towards it.

04/ Result

  1. Through the active campaigns, we were able to achieved almost 3 times the estimated website clicks. We achieved 529k against the 160k estimated clicks.
  2. We got an overall conversion of 1,361 registered users.
  3. And 3M overall Impressions for the campaign which helped us achieve all the client objectives.