The Saudi Film Commission sought to create a sophisticated RSVP platform for their inaugural participation at the Cannes Film Festival, featuring the film “Norah.” The goal was to design and develop a functional system to manage invitations, RSVPs, and check-ins for various high-profile events during the festival.

Elevating Saudi Film Commission’s Presence at Cannes: RSVP Platform


The Saudi Film Commission faced several challenges in organizing their events at Cannes:

  • Diverse Invitation Needs: Four distinct types of events (Brunch, Panels, Norah Talks, Confex Brunch) required tailored invitation emails.
  • Efficient RSVP Management: Managing responses from a large number of high-profile invitees while ensuring exclusivity.
  • Streamlined Check-In: Simplifying the entry process to enhance guest experience.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generating detailed reports to monitor invitations, RSVPs, and attendance.
Elevating Saudi Film Commission’s Presence at Cannes: RSVP Platform


GTECH collaborated with the Saudi Film Commission to develop a robust RSVP platform using Laravel. The solution included:

  • Invitation Email Templates: Created four invitation email templates, each tailored to the specific events (Brunch, Panels, Norah Talks, Confex Brunch).
  • RSVP System: Developed an advanced RSVP system differentiated into four groups, allowing invitees to easily RSVP for their respective events.
  • Confirmation and QR Codes: Sent confirmation emails with unique QR codes to confirmed guests, facilitating a smooth entry process at the venue.
  • Admin Dashboard: Implemented an RSVP admin dashboard with a ‘Requested for RSVP’ area, enabling manual approval or rejection of non-invited requests to maintain exclusivity.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generated detailed reports for each event, including the number of invitations sent, RSVPs received (Yes and No), and check-in reports to track attendance.
Elevating Saudi Film Commission’s Presence at Cannes: RSVP Platform


The implementation of the RSVP platform delivered outstanding results:

  • High Engagement: The personalized invitation emails led to a high engagement rate, significantly increasing RSVPs.
  • Streamlined Check-In: The use of unique QR codes reduced wait times, providing a seamless entry experience for guests.
  • Effective Management: The admin dashboard allowed for efficient management of non-invited RSVP requests, ensuring the exclusivity of the events.
  • Insightful Reporting: Detailed reports provided valuable insights into guest engagement and event attendance, aiding in future planning and decision-making.


The collaboration between GTECH and the Saudi Film Commission to develop the RSVP platform for the Cannes Film Festival was a significant success. Utilizing Laravel, the platform not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a seamless, secure, and efficient event management solution. This project highlights GTECH’s commitment to innovation and excellence in design and development, setting a new benchmark for event management in the film industry. Through this successful partnership, the Saudi Film Commission was able to showcase their commitment to fostering domestic talent and creative industries, aligning with Vision 2030’s goals.