Diriyah Company, developer of a $63.2 billion giga-project in Diriyah, a town in the north-western outskirts of Riyadh, has broken ground on three renowned hotels – Oberoi, Aman and Six Senses – as part of its Wadi Safar masterplan, aimed at providing the best-in-class accommodation for visitors.

Diriyah Company celebrated the first day of its inaugural Bashayer event on December 14, under the patronage of Ahmed Al Khateeb, the Minister of Tourism and Secretary-General and Member of the Board of Directors of Diriyah Company, revealing an array of world-class amenities. 

The landmark event invited guests to explore the ancient city’s history, celebrate its present, and witness its vibrant future. Behind the scenes, GTECH empowered this immersive experience with a robust online registration and access control system, ensuring a seamless flow of guests and a resounding success for the event.

Challenge: Bringing the magic of Diriyah to life required a robust registration system that could:

  • Showcase the Diriyah experience: Captivate potential attendees with a visually stunning and informative platform highlighting the event’s diverse offerings and Vision 2030 connection.
  • Streamline online registrations and invitations: Facilitate both open registrations and targeted invitations, ensuring efficient access for all participants.
  • Implement secure access control: Generate unique QR codes for swift and secure check-in at the various locations within the event, minimizing wait times and maximizing guest satisfaction.
  • Provide comprehensive data insights: Offer post-event data analysis on attendance, demographics, and engagement patterns, paving the way for future event optimization.
Event Registration system for Bashayer
Event Registration system for Bashayer


GTECH, a pioneer of event technology, crafted a bespoke platform that exceeded expectations:

  • Intuitive and visually appealing: The user-friendly interface showcased Diriyah’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and transformative future through engaging visuals and informative content.
  • Seamless registration and invitation management: A streamlined registration process for the general public coupled with a secure portal for managing VIP invitations ensured smooth access for all attendees.
  • QR code-based access control: Unique QR codes generated upon registration facilitated swift and secure check-in at At-Turaif, Wadi Safar, Wadi Hanifah, and the main event venue, minimizing congestion and enhancing the guest experience.
  • Data-driven insights: A comprehensive dashboard provided valuable post-event data on attendance numbers, demographics, and engagement patterns, empowering future event planning and optimization.
Event Registration system for Bashayer


GTECH’s solution proved instrumental in Bashayer’s success, delivering tangible outcomes:

  • Increased attendance: The captivating platform and streamlined registration process led to a significant increase in attendee numbers, showcasing Diriyah’s growing appeal.
  • Enhanced guest experience: Swift access control with QR codes and a seamless registration process ensured a positive and efficient experience for all attendees.
  • Valuable data insights: Post-event data analysis provided actionable insights on guest demographics, preferences, and engagement patterns, guiding future event strategies.
  • Celebrating Vision 2030: The event successfully served as a platform to celebrate The Diriyah Company’s progress and future plans in line with Vision 2030, further solidifying its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s transformative agenda.
Event Registration system for Bashayer
Event Registration system for Bashayer


GTECH’s expertise in event technology proved a vital partner in unlocking the magic of Diriyah for the Bashayer event. Their platform not only streamlined registration and access control but also delivered valuable data insights, laying the groundwork for future success. With GTECH by its side, The Diriyah Company can continue to share its captivating story and celebrate its ambitious future, captivating the world one journey at a time.

As the renewed cultural and historic capital of the nation, Diriyah will be designed and built with Saudi traditions and heritage in mind.