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01/ About the Project

Global Village is the world’s leading multicultural amusement park and GCC region’s first destination for culture, shopping and entertainment. Being an outdoor park that runs for 6 months, visitors get a chance to enter a raffle draw along with their entry ticket.

02/ Highlights

  • Innovative use of technology in events – saves time and paper
  • 1 million+ records captured last season
  • Eco friendly solution
  • Real Time messaging
  • Digital Raffle
Global Village Raffle Draw by GTECH

Over the years, the park has been collecting manually handwritten raffle entries which were difficult to maintain, validate and translate.

Based on a detailed workflow analysis, we proposed a solution to convert the process digitally whereby visitors who bought online tickets were automatically entered into the draw as their details were already captured during payment for the tickets.

Users who purchased tickets at the venue were provided kiosks fitted with an iPad to submit their entries. We worked with a third party integrator – Scandit, to implement their barcode reader software development kit to ensure the solution was seamless and easy to use.

Over the next six-month period, our proposed solution processed 4-5 million raffle entries and awarded between 12-20 winners without any manual intervention.

The project consisted of three components:

  1. A publicly available application for visitors to participate in the Raffle Draw which takes place every week.
  2. An administration portal, to store and validate Ticket Barcodes, which also consists of an application that selects three winners randomly
  3. An application programming interface (API) module which is a set of functions and procedures responsible for collecting and storing all the data entered through the iPads.