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01/ About the Project

GTECH helped build the below systems for Global Womens Forum Dubai 2020 (GWFD).

GWFD – Global Womens Forum Dubai is a two-day conference that engages global leaders and hosts an audience of over 3000 local and international women leaders, government officials, and experts from various sectors, providing them with a strategic platform through which they can discuss multi-stakeholder approaches that reflect and impact women’s economic and societal contributions regionally and internationally. The first edition was launched in 2016, and the second is set to take place in February 2020.

The Forum is set to engage over 3,000 attendees, including global leaders, experts, academics, entrepreneurs and students.

02/ Highlights

  • Website design & development
  • Online registration system
  • API modules
  • Mobile application
  • Step counter system
Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)

03/ GWFD event website design & development

We designed and developed the website in English and Arabic for Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020 on WordPress.

The website had modules built to handle event registrations, micro-event registrations and nominations. The data between the website and mobile application were synced through an API for agenda, speakers and media centre.

Registration features included ability to add pre-approved attendees and sending them confirmation links to attend the event, attendee management, data management and profile management.

A separate section was also built to showcase data from the 2016 Edition of Global Womens Forum Dubai.

Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)

04/ Mobile App Development

The app showcased information such as agenda, speaker bios, partners, attendee profiles. Some of the other features included:

  • Option to filter agenda based on tracks
  • Ability for attendees to personalize their experience and create their own agendas and taking private notes
  • Calendar reminders to sessions bookmarked
  • Media Center displaying a list of all press releases and other media
  • Push Notifications to keep attendees informed of all updates, real time notifications of ongoing sessions, polls and other activations within the event
  • List of all speakers and details on the sessions they would be presenting.
  • In app one-on-one messaging for networking with other attendees within the event
  • Interactive Venue Maps
  • Information and details on satellite event – WE-FI
  • Ability to scan QR Code to add contacts to the phone.

05/ Step Counter

The mobile app was integrated with a feature that counted the number of steps an attendee took at the event. The cumulative number of steps taken at the event by the attendees were then displayed on a large display screen.

Global Womens Forum Dubai

06/ WE-FI

The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) MENA Regional Summit will bring together key stakeholders and beneficiaries from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and around the world with the goal of expanding opportunities for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises.

We helped create a microsite to showcase the We-Fi event which will be taking place along with Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020. The system was programmed to have a pre-approved list of people that are allowed to register, and view further details for travel, accommodation and transportation. The microsite also had a built-in backend to manage registrations.

Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)
Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)
Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)
Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)
Global Womens Forum Dubai (GWFD)