Partnering with G42 and Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, this global technology growth fund aims to accelerate the pace of progress. This US$10 billion powerhouse formed by G42 and Abu Dhabi Growth Fund (ADG), sought a digital presence as bold as its mission – and GTECH delivered.

GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund


Launching a fund destined to propel global innovation demanded a digital presence that could:

  • Embody a bold and disruptive spirit: Capture the essence of 42X Fund’s audacious vision through a distinct and memorable brand identity.
  • Communicate a multi-faceted mission: Effectively showcase the fund’s focus on diverse sectors, encompassing ICT, digital infrastructure, climate, life sciences, healthcare, and consumer experiences.
  • Establish expertise and credibility: Convey 42X Fund’s deep understanding of high-growth markets and their commitment to delivering tangible returns on investment.
  • Deliver a user-friendly and intuitive experience: Design a website that simplifies navigation, facilitates access to crucial information, and fosters engagement with the fund’s vision.
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund


GTECH, wielding the brush of digital artistry, delivered a solution exceeding expectations:

  • Distinct and disruptive brand identity: A custom-crafted logo and comprehensive brand guidelines along with tailored business cards established a unique visual language, reflecting 42X Fund’s boldness and forward-thinking approach.
  • Compelling storytelling and sector-specific pages: Engaging narratives and dedicated pages for each area of focus outlined the fund’s diverse investment landscape, attracting relevant entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Intuitive website built on WordPress: A user-friendly website facilitated seamless navigation, streamlined content access, and offered a rich multimedia experience.
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund


GTECH’s crafted digital presence for 42X Fund has yielded impactful outcomes:

  • Strong brand recognition and identity: The distinct visual language and compelling narrative have established 42X Fund as a recognizable force in the global innovation landscape.
  • Increased investor engagement: The website served as a powerful tool for attracting leading entrepreneurs, generating interest from promising startups, and securing potential partnerships.
  • Clear communication of investment focus: Dedicated sections for each sector provided transparency and attracted investors aligned with 42X’s vision for global technological advancement.
  • Foundation for future growth: The adaptable WordPress platform paved the way for seamless expansion as 42X builds its portfolio and broadens its global reach.
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund
GTECH fuels Digital Presence for 42X Fund


GTECH’s work on the 42X Fund’s digital presence was a success. The company now has a strong brand identity and a website that is both informative and user-friendly.

42X Fund is poised to attract the brightest minds, drive transformative partnerships, and illuminate the path towards a brighter future. With GTECH by its side, the fund can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, leaving a lasting trail of progress and empowerment in its wake.