This year, Sole DXB introduces BMW Middle East‘s debut presentation – The House of XM. This immersive content space, powered by the BMW XM Sports Activity Vehicle, pays homage to legends who pushed boundaries in music and art.

The event allowed participant to engage in interactive experiences, including a styling corner, photo opportunities, and a rooftop lounge offering breathtaking views of the festival and city skyline. The House of XM’s curated experience is complemented by an exclusive F&B encounter, live performances, and DJ sets. 

GTECH, renowned for pioneering technology solutions, undertook the event registration and data collection project for the BMW House of XM exhibition in Dubai, which was held from December 8 to December 10, 2023. The event celebrated BMW’s latest car model, and GTECH’s role was pivotal in transforming the registration and attendee experience.

GTECH’s mission was multifaceted, focusing on:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: To gather detailed visitor information for insightful analysis.
  • Efficient Event Management: Streamlining event information handling.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Elevating the overall visitor interaction with intuitive features.
  • Innovative Music Trigger System: Integrating a unique, interactive musical element based on user preferences.
GTECH's Innovative Approach for BMW House of XM
GTECH’s Innovative Approach for BMW House of XM

Web App Design and Features

Data Collection Form:

  • GTECH developed an in-depth data collection form, enabling visitors to share detailed insights about their vehicle buying interests.
  • This tool was instrumental in capturing demographics, interests, and preferences, aiding in future personalized engagements and event planning.
  • Upon completing the registration, attendees received a bar code via email, entitling them to a special goody bag at the event.

Music Trigger System:

  • A separate, engaging website feature allowed attendees to express their take on ‘What is HipHop to you?’
  • Based on their choices, the system played a corresponding hip-hop track, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere that attendees thoroughly enjoyed, often leading to impromptu dance sessions.
GTECH's Innovative Approach for BMW House of XM
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GTECH’s innovative approach at the BMW House of XM in Dubai set a new standard in auto show experiences.

The combination of detailed data collection, efficient event management, and an engaging music trigger system enhanced the visitor experience and provided BMW with valuable insights for future endeavours.

This project exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to revolutionise traditional event formats, making them more interactive, informative, and memorable for attendees.