In the crowded halls of GITEX Global, where innovation takes center stage, the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) aimed to capture more than just attention. They sought a way to seamlessly convert interested visitors into qualified leads, bridging the gap between sales and technology. GTECH, their trusted partner, answered the call with a lead capture web app, unlocking a gateway to 100+ promising connections.

TII, a beacon of innovation in the Middle East, faced a familiar dilemma:

  • Inefficient lead capture: Traditional methods of scribbling notes and collecting business cards were prone to errors and data loss, hindering follow-up and conversion.
  • Limited data insights: Lack of centralized data hampered lead segmentation, personalization, and effective sales strategies.
  • Time-consuming data management: Manual data entry and organization consumed valuable sales hours, hindering outreach efforts.
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global


GTECH, a champion of user-centric technology, delivered a web app that exceeded expectations:

  • Seamless lead capture: The intuitive web app allowed TII’s sales team to easily input lead details, including name, email, contact number, and company information.
  • Business card scanning: A built-in scanner eliminated the need for physical cards, capturing data directly and accurately, reducing data entry errors and saving time.
  • Centralized data hub: A dedicated admin dashboard served as a single repository for all captured leads, providing easy access and organization for the sales team.
  • Data-driven insights: The platform offered real-time lead reports and analytics, enabling TII to identify key demographics, interests, and engagement patterns, informing targeted sales strategies.
  • Streamlined export: Data could be easily exported in various formats, allowing TII to integrate it seamlessly with their existing CRM systems.
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global


GTECH’s web app proved instrumental in TII’s GITEX Global success, delivering tangible outcomes:

  • 100+ leads captured: The intuitive interface and efficient features empowered TII’s sales team to capture a significantly higher number of leads compared to traditional methods.
  • Enhanced data quality: Business card scanning and centralized data management ensured accuracy and reduced data loss, leading to reliable and actionable insights.
  • Improved sales efficiency: The web app freed up valuable sales time by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the lead capture process.
  • Data-driven sales strategies: TII leveraged the app’s analytics to segment leads, personalize outreach, and maximize conversion rates, leading to a more effective sales approach.
  • Future-proofed data management: The centralized data hub provided a solid foundation for future lead management and analysis, enabling TII to build a robust sales pipeline.
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global
Lead Capture Web App for TII at GITEX Global


GTECH’s web app bridged the gap between TII’s sales team and the sea of potential leads at GITEX Global. It transformed lead capturing from a cumbersome task into a data-driven process, enabling TII to connect with valuable prospects, optimize sales strategies, and ultimately achieve their business goals.

With GTECH as their tech partner, TII continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of lead generation, empowered by innovation and fueled by data.