GTECH, a leading digital agency based in Dubai, collaborated with the Zayed Awards for Human Fraternity (ZAHF) for the third consecutive year to enhance the live streaming experience of their prestigious ceremony. Under the esteemed patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, the ZAHF ceremony recognizes individuals and organizations globally for their exceptional contributions to human fraternity.

Client Objectives:

The ZAHF aimed to elevate the reach and impact of their 2024 award ceremony, honoring individuals and organizations promoting solidarity, integrity, and peacebuilding efforts worldwide. GTECH’s role encompassed setting up live streams across multiple platforms to ensure broad accessibility and engagement for the event’s global audience.

Zayed Awards for Human Fraternity 2024


GTECH diligently executed a comprehensive strategy to facilitate seamless live streaming across various platforms for maximum audience engagement. The key initiatives undertaken included:

Platform Setup:

GTECH expertly set up live streams on prominent platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, ensuring widespread accessibility for audiences globally. The platforms included ZAHF’s official channels along with strategic cross-posts on Vatican News, MYF (Egypt), Indonesian Vice President’s Office, MuTV, and Al Azhar.

Technical Integration:

Leveraging advanced technical expertise, GTECH integrated live streaming functionalities across diverse platforms, enabling smooth transmission of the award ceremony to a global audience. This included optimizing video quality and ensuring uninterrupted streaming capabilities.

Cross-Platform Promotion:

GTECH collaborated with key stakeholders to cross-post the live stream on partner channels, extending the reach to diverse audiences worldwide. By engaging with reputable organizations such as Vatican News and Al Azhar, GTECH amplified the event’s visibility and resonance.

Live Streaming Support for the Zayed Awards for Human Fraternity 2024


The collaboration between GTECH and ZAHF yielded remarkable outcomes, as evidenced by the following metrics:

  • The live video garnered a total of 2,033 views since its publication, reflecting substantial audience engagement with the event.
  • The cumulative watch time amounted to an impressive 332.3 hours, underscoring the extended duration of audience interaction with the live stream.


GTECH’s strategic digital support significantly enhanced the visibility and accessibility of the ZAHF 2024 award ceremony, amplifying its global impact and resonance. 

By leveraging advanced live streaming capabilities and cross-platform integration, GTECH facilitated meaningful engagement with diverse audiences, thereby advancing the mission of human fraternity and solidarity championed by the ZAHF.