Abu Dhabi Duty Free, sought to enhance traveler engagement and promote offers through an innovative digital platform, for their launch at Zayed International Airport.

Zayed International Airport, also known as Abu Dhabi International Airport, is the primary international airport serving Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second busiest airport in the UAE after Dubai International Airport, and is the hub of Etihad Airways as well as Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi.

Project Overview:

Abu Dhabi Duty Free collaborated with GTECH to launch a dynamic microsite at Zayed International Airport (Abu Dhabi International Airport) to enhance traveler experiences and showcase exclusive offers.

The microsite aimed to leverage QR code technology embedded in bracelets distributed to travelers, directing them to the platform upon scanning with their mobile devices.

The microsite featured enticing offers across airlines, duty-free shops, and food & beverage outlets, coupled with interactive activations and a comprehensive map of the airport premises.

Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport

GTECH’s Role

GTECH assumed multifaceted responsibilities throughout the project lifecycle, including:

  • Website Design and Development: Crafting an engaging and user-friendly microsite for ADDF offers tailored to the target audience.
  • Website Testing: Conducting rigorous testing procedures to ensure seamless functionality and optimal user experience across devices and browsers.
  • Infrastructure & Deployment: Implementing robust infrastructure to support the microsite’s scalability and performance demands.
  • Security & Pentests: Enforcing stringent security measures and performing penetration tests to safeguard user data and mitigate potential cyber threats.
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport


In addition to their core responsibilities, GTECH served as a consultant for the Abu Dhabi Duty Free microsite project, contributing creative and strategic insights to augment user engagement and enhance the overall effectiveness of the digital platform. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, GTECH proposed several compelling ideas aimed at enriching the traveler experience and maximizing brand interaction.

  1. Treasure Hunt Experience:
  • Concept: Users embark on an exhilarating treasure hunt adventure within the airport premises, guided by a series of cryptic clues leading to designated locations.
  • Engagement Mechanism: Upon deciphering each clue and successfully locating the specified area, users discover a set of numbers essential for unlocking subsequent clues.
  • Reward System: Travelers who adeptly navigate through the treasure hunt and unlock a predetermined number of locations become eligible for exciting rewards, ranging from standard items like chocolates and water bottles to physical vouchers offering discounts on purchases.
  • Incentive Structure: By incentivizing participation and exploration, Abu Dhabi Duty Free cultivates a sense of excitement and anticipation among travelers, fostering deeper engagement with the microsite and its offerings.
  1. Push to Download App:
  • Strategy: Encourage users to download the Abu Dhabi Duty Free mobile app by integrating compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the microsite experience.
  • Value Proposition: Highlight the benefits of app adoption, such as exclusive access to promotions, personalized recommendations, and streamlined purchase processes.
  • Incentive Scheme: Users who heed the call-to-action and download the app, subsequently creating an account, are automatically entered into a prize draw featuring enticing rewards.
  • Promotional Impact: By promoting app downloads, Abu Dhabi Duty Free expands its digital footprint, cultivates a loyal user base, and leverages valuable customer data for targeted marketing initiatives and service enhancements.
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport


During the three-day activation period, the microsite garnered significant traction, with a total of 10,000 unique scans recorded from users accessing the platform through QR code bracelets. The microsite attracted 100,000+ visits, with 8,000+ unique visitors engaging with the diverse range of offers and activations showcased on the platform.

Results and Impact:

The successful execution of the microsite initiative underscores GTECH’s proficiency in leveraging digital solutions to enhance client visibility and user engagement.

By seamlessly integrating QR code technology and interactive features, Abu Dhabi Duty Free effectively connected with travelers, providing them with tailored offers and enriching their overall airport experience.

Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport
Microsite Launch for ADDF at Zayed International Airport


GTECH’s collaboration with Abu Dhabi Duty Free exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative digital solutions in amplifying brand reach and fostering meaningful customer interactions.

The microsite initiative not only facilitated the dissemination of exclusive offers but also underscored the potential of digital platforms in revolutionizing traditional marketing paradigms within the airport retail landscape.

Moving forward, such initiatives are poised to redefine the dynamics of traveler engagement and propel the evolution of customer-centric experiences across diverse industry verticals.