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01/ About the Project

Qudwa is a forum for teachers, by teachers that aims to elevate the teaching profession in the UAE and improve the future of education.

Organized by the Education Affairs Office of the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi, Qudwa is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

02/ Highlights

  • Registration System
  • Onsite Check-in System
  • QR Code Badging System
  • Heatmap Reports
  • Certificate of Participation System

03/ Registration System

We built a customizable registration system, that allowed the client to keep track of invites sent out to participants, maintaining RSVP and Generation of campaigns for all official communication of events through an integrated MailChimp API.

The system had an interactive dashboard that allowed the client to monitor and generate daily reports based on invites, communication campaigns and RSVP.

The registration system was implemented using best security practices as it maintained personal information of participants. All sensitive user documentation was encrypted and access to the system was granted to authorized personnel.

04/ Certificate of Participation System

Each participant was awarded participation certificates in English and Arabic based on the sessions they had attended and were sent via email.

05/ Onsite Check-in System

The check-in system allowed ease of check-in for registered participants and badge collection.

Interactive Dashboard to keep track of participants checked in.

06/ QR Code Badging System

Each badge was assigned a unique NFC tag and QRcode which helped to track of the movement of participants within different hubs at the event.

User tracking was broken down based on hubs within the event locations, Timeslots and Sessions names.

07/ Heatmap Reports

Detailed Heatmaps were generated to highlight densely populated areas vs the scarcely populated areas.

This helped in generating analytics of sessions and speakers and details on the audience attendance based on their demographics, interests, and qualifications.