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Al Barrak Group is a family-owned company that has been a global leader in shipping, freight forwarding, and logistics since the 1980s. As the company has evolved and expanded over the years, it has remained committed to providing exceptional service and understanding the unique requirements of its customers.

Revamping online presence for Al Barrak Group
Revamping online presence for Al Barrak Group

Upgrading its online presence

However, as the digital age has taken hold, Al Barrak Group recognized that it needed to update its online presence to better serve its customers. Specifically, the company wanted to create a modern and easy-to-use website that would allow customers to quickly and easily access information about Al Barrak Group’s services, as well as to contact the company with any questions or concerns they might have.

Revamping online presence for Al Barrak Group
Revamping online presence for Al Barrak Group

Partnership with GTECH

To achieve this goal, Al Barrak Group turned to GTECH, a leading web design and development agency. GTECH began by conducting a comprehensive UX exercise, which allowed the team to better understand the needs and expectations of Al Barrak Group’s customers. Based on this research, GTECH proposed two revisions to the existing website design, which were carefully reviewed and approved by Al Barrak Group’s management team.

With the design approved, GTECH got to work converting the designs to HTML and integrating the website on WordPress as the CMS. This allowed for easy updates and changes to be made to the website in the future, as needed. To further enhance the customer experience, GTECH also helped integrate a chatbot service from, which allows customers to quickly get in touch with Al Barrak Group’s customer support team.

To ensure that the website was performing optimally, GTECH integrated Google Analytics 4 with the website for traffic monitoring. This allowed Al Barrak Group to better understand how customers were using the website, and to make changes and updates to improve the user experience.

Revamping online presence for Al Barrak Group
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Finally, GTECH ensured that the website was hosted on WPENGINE for the best pagespeed results and was protected by the Cloudflare WAF to safeguard against potential security threats. Additionally, GTECH assisted with migrating the DNS records to Cloudflare and updating the DNS records to point to the new WPENGINE servers, ensuring that the website was fully functional and easy to access for all of Al Barrak Group’s customers.

Overall, GTECH’s work with Al Barrak Group resulted in a modern and highly functional website that has improved the customer experience and helped the company to better serve its customers in the digital age.