The Ministry of Energy’s Clean Fuel Solutions for Cooking Initiative Gala aimed to unite diverse voices in pursuit of sustainable cooking solutions, and behind the scenes, GTECH served as the invisible architect, crafting a seamless digital experience that fueled connections and secured a successful event.

Bringing together key stakeholders, during COP28, across government, research, and industry for the Clean Fuel Solutions Gala demanded a robust RSVP and access management system that could:

  • Streamline registrations: Facilitate both open RSVPs and targeted invitations through a user-friendly online platform, ensuring inclusivity and efficient registration processes.
  • Elevate engagement: Captivate invitees with elegantly designed and delivered email invitations, piquing their interest in the initiative and encouraging attendance.
  • Implement secure access control: Generate unique QR codes for swift and secure check-in at the venue, minimizing wait times and enhancing the guest experience.
  • Provide valuable data insights: Offer post-event data on attendance, guest demographics, and engagement patterns, informing future event strategies and outreach efforts.
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala


GTECH, a leader in creating digital experiences, delivered a solution exceeding expectations:

  • Seamless RSVP platform: A user-friendly website enabled guests to easily register their interest, while a dedicated portal facilitated secure invitations for VIPs.
  • Compelling email invitations: GTECH designed and developed visually appealing and informative email invites, highlighting the gala’s purpose and igniting interest among potential attendees.
  • QR code-based access control: Unique QR codes generated upon registration ensured swift and secure check-in, creating a frictionless experience for guests.
  • Data-driven insights: A comprehensive dashboard provided valuable post-event data on attendance numbers, guest demographics, and engagement patterns, empowering future event planning and outreach.
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala


GTECH’s solution proved instrumental in the Clean Fuel Solutions Gala’s success, leading to:

  • Increased attendance: The user-friendly registration process and captivating invites led to a significant rise in attendee numbers, demonstrating widespread interest in the initiative.
  • Enhanced guest experience: Swift access control with QR codes and a hassle-free registration process ensured a positive and efficient experience for all participants.
  • Actionable data insights: Post-event analysis provided valuable insights on guest demographics, interests, and engagement patterns, guiding future event strategies and outreach efforts.
  • Strengthened stakeholder connections: The gala facilitated meaningful connections between diverse stakeholders, paving the way for future collaboration and progress in clean fuel solutions.
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala
Clean Fuel Solutions Gala


GTECH’s expertise in event technology proved a vital factor in fueling the Clean Fuel Solutions Gala’s success. Their platform not only streamlined registrations and access control but also delivered valuable data insights, further propelling the initiative’s momentum.

With GTECH by their side, the Ministry of Energy can continue to ignite transformative connections and chart a path towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time.