GTECH, a leading design and development team, partnered with Nissan Group of Amieo to create an innovative RSVP platform for their ‘Defy Ordinary’ event in the Middle East. The primary goal was to develop a seamless and efficient system that would handle invitations, RSVPs, and event check-ins for high-profile attendees. The project included creating multiple invitation templates, sending invitations, building a sophisticated RSVP system, and establishing a robust check-in mechanism.

Project Scope

The comprehensive project scope entailed:

  • Invitation Email Templates: We designed and HTML-coded three types of invitation email templates tailored for different groups of invitees.
  • Email Distribution: Invitations were sent out to a curated list of high-end profiles and other invitees through our system.
  • RSVP System: We developed a user-friendly RSVP system to manage responses and streamline the confirmation process.
  • Check-in System: An integrated check-in system was created to facilitate smooth entry for attendees.
Nissan Middle East’s ‘Defy Ordinary’ RSVP Platform

Workflow and

  • Invitations and RSVP Process: The flow of the RSVP system was meticulously planned and executed:
    • Invitation Dispatch: Invitations were distributed by GTECH, and segmented into three distinct invitee groups, each receiving a customized email template.
    • RSVP System: Upon receiving the invitation, invitees could RSVP through the system. The platform was segmented to handle the three different groups efficiently.
    • Confirmation and QR Code: Once an invitee RSVPed, the system automatically sent a confirmation email containing a unique QR code. This QR code was essential for hassle-free entry to the event venue.
  • Admin Dashboard Features: The admin dashboard was a pivotal component of the system, equipped with several key features:
    • Requested for RSVP Queue: Individuals who were not initially invited but requested to RSVP were placed in a queue. This queue allowed the admin to manually approve these requests, ensuring that only vetted attendees received confirmation emails.
    • Group-Specific Reports: The dashboard provided detailed reports for each invitee group, including:
      • The number of people invited.
      • The number of RSVPs (Yes/No responses).
      • Check-in reports to track actual event attendance.
Nissan Middle East’s ‘Defy Ordinary’ RSVP Platform

Technology Stack

The entire system was built using Laravel, a powerful PHP framework known for its robustness and scalability. This choice ensured a secure, reliable, and high-performing platform capable of handling the intricate requirements of the ‘Defy Ordinary’ event.


The ‘Defy Ordinary’ event was a resounding success. Our collaborative effort with the Nissan Group of Amieo resulted in a sophisticated and user-friendly system that streamlined the invitation, RSVP, and check-in processes. The meticulous planning, coupled with the advanced features of the RSVP and admin dashboard, ensured a smooth experience for both the event organizers and the attendees.

This project exemplifies GTECH’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions, solidifying our reputation as a leading design and development team in the industry. The successful implementation of this system using Laravel underscores our technical expertise and dedication to excellence.

Nissan Middle East’s ‘Defy Ordinary’ RSVP Platform