Currently, there are close to 800 billion websites that are operational in WordPress, it has become essential for a business to be updated with the latest WordPress web development trends to stay ahead of the competition.  Before we proceed ahead there is a need to understand what are the latest WordPress web design trends.

WordPress is in great demand for freelancers and SMBs as a flexible and user-friendly platform. WordPress web development trends are extensively searched as they provide an overview of what is in store for the business or individuals. From available CMS, only a few content management systems have touched the popularity of WordPress. Since it is the ease of use this happens to be one of the reasons why it is extremely popular.

Even presently WordPress web development trends are still going strong. There are a few trends that the developers and users need to check. Hence, they are aware of what they can expect when it comes to performance or new features. This helps everyone use WordPress and get the maximum benefit out of it.

wordpress web design and development trends 2024
wordpress web design and development trends 2024

The WordPress web design trends 2024

Below are some of the popular WordPress web design trends in 2024

Content and design

Think along the lines of a website having separate design and content. This is one of the popular features of WordPress. The content may stay in WordPress but the design can be anything, a mobile app or a smart AR or VR experience. However, it may turn out to be an excellent opportunity when it comes to SMBs. Such flexible aspects make it flexible and lightfast.

  • Flexibility- the site can be built and just about used anywhere. The possibilities are endless for any website.
  • Speed- there is no bulk design that weighs down your site. It is one of the better factors when it comes to a higher ranking on Google.
  • Future proof- without website overhaul adopt a new form of technology. This means that you work with the entire tech world without being left behind.

Chatbots- round-the-clock assistants

Has the thought ever come to your mind that the website could answer questions and you may end up focussing on important tasks? These are AI-powered assistants who conduct basic tasks without any form of supervision. With advanced technology and hardware, chatbots have gone on to provide advanced features that handle complex tasks. They are the future of WordPress website design and a few 

  • Enhance sales- Chatbots can qualify leads, recommend products, and round the clock may close deals. You have to supervise the process and chatbots will take care of the rest.
  • Improve customer service- Answer questions and FAQs can all be done easily with the assistance of a chatbot. They are going to help businesses in the domain of customer service.
  • Saves time and money- Businesses no longer need to hire dozens of customer service representatives. With just a little bit of investment, you are good to go. This is an ideal way of setting up a customer service centre in a cost-effective manner.

WordPress 6.1

You may think of WordPress 6.1 as the best upgrade for your website. it is incorporated with new features and the latest WordPress CMS  development trends, ensuring you leave your competitors behind. A reason for this is that they are constantly  looking out for new versions too

Now how can the future of WordPress website design benefit your website?

  • Stand apart from the competition- an interactive website with voice search and chatbots will ensure you are ahead of the competition.
  • The business grows by leaps and bounds- convert more leads into customers and you may be found easily
  •  Saves time and money- WordPress is super cost-effective as you will be able to automate tasks. This enables you to concentrate on the most important matters for a business.

Voice search

Voice search is the latest WordPress web development trend that no one is aligned with in modern times. Even if you do not voice search is known to provide ease of use on Android phones and desktop computers. People are known to be talking to their devices more than before and WordPress makes them listen. What are the features that WordPress may end up providing?

  • SEO You may optimize your content for search queries and watch your site climb in the Google calendar
  • Convenience- let us find out what they did with their voice. No more time wasting on smartphones and this is the perfect way to go.
  • Accessibility- voice searches enable people to navigate with disabilities clearly

A guide on how to master WordPress web design trends

Learning WordPress is not rocket science in any way. You need a tinge of patience and there are plenty of resources available.

  • Online courses- You can learn from the professionals with their in-depth courses on various aspects of WordPress. Get started on the platform’s free tutorials, themes, and plugins.
  • Community forums- getting help and advice from fellow WordPress enthusiasts.

Note that building a website is not a one-day task, but an overnight journey. Once you have WordPress you can opt for a customized site with the features and experiment with it too.

To conclude WordPress web development trends are there to stay big time and the future looks bright. The best part about the platform is that it provides new updates and features for creating websites that are on par with other platforms.

Though these modules may require minimum coding, there are a few cases where coding knowledge becomes mandatory. For the non-technical staff, there are some concerns as well. However, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of reliable companies that end up doing a great job.For such interesting blogs, you should visit GTECH, a leading WordPress CMS development service company from Dubai UAE.

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