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Do you fall into the category of people where people are constantly following you on Facebook and want to completely lock your Facebook profile? We realize that social media has become an integral component of our lives. But this also means you become a victim of vulnerability. All of us have been through this situation when stackers keep searching your profile or unwanted people may download your photos for creating fake accounts. The solution to all these problems is to lock your Facebook profile.

Figuring out how to lock my profile on Facebook is not an easy task. There are a few tips and tricks here and there that you need to understand. Though it is better in adopting a settled approach to help you understand security flaws and how to lock your Facebook profile from unknown elements.

how to lock facebook profile
Facebook Tips: How to Lock Your Facebook Profile?
Why should I lock my Facebook profile?

Social media has gone on to become a vital cog in our lives. Among them, it is fair to say that Facebook is the oldest and most popular among the lot. 

Statistics indicate that Facebook has close to 2.83 billion users globally. This seems to be a major chunk of the population. Though it replicates a virtual world, people are empowered and have an opportunity to connect with their peers. The flip side of Facebook is privacy issues. Since everyone shares their data on Facebook there is a risk of information being used unnecessarily.

Privacy issues

Facebook has formulated a new feature that protects an individual’s personal information in order to address this privacy concern, from being disclosed to unidentified parties. It is the Facebook lock feature that has been introduced recently. By incorporating this feature, Facebook ensures that no personal posts, information or any data of a particular person are collected from your account by anyone else.

The reasons why the Facebook lock feature is important

Facebook has recently been in the wrong news due to data privacy and it has thrown the entire privacy system off-guard. The Facebook lock feature will prevent an individual from abusing the Facebook platform and collect data about a person from any remote corner of the world.

People should refrain from clicking on suspicious links from untrusted sources, and not accept unknown friend requests in extending support to Facebook’s privacy system. To resolve privacy risks Facebook has also introduced vanish mode. A unique feature of this model is that it deletes all media files or chats after a certain period of time of you activating it. Apart from that, there is another safety feature. If anyone takes a screenshot of your profile, then Facebook will notify you instantly.

Facebook already has a series of privacy options on offer. The latest Facebook profile enables users to lock their profile photos or posts. Those not on your friend list cannot see anything that is posted from your end.

How to lock Facebook profile

How to lock Facebook profile on your Android device

  • Step 1- On your Android device open the Facebook app
  • Step 2– Tap your profile image on the home page.
  • Step 3- Click the three dots in the menu.
  • Step 4- Choose the lock profile option from the list of choices on the page.
  • Step 5- opt for the lock your profile icon at the end of the page on the lock profile page
  • Step 6- When finished, a message stating that “You locked your profile” will show up on the screen. The pictures and posts on your timeline will then be visible just to your friends.

How to lock Facebook profile on an IOS device.

  • Go to Facebook, then on the bottom right there is a three-line menu and tap on your name
  • Dot your name with three fingers
  • To lock your profile, use the lock profile button
  • To be sure lock your Facebook profile a second time

Your profile is locked and if you want to cross check, come out of that page. Then you again log in to your profile. A notification will appear stating that your profile has been locked.

On your Facebook page, in order to permit the locking of your profile if the profile lock feature is not accessible, you must manually alter privacy settings. You can invite your friends and let them use this model if they want to lock their profiles.

how to lock facebook profile
Facebook Tips: How to Lock Your Facebook Profile?
How to lock a Facebook profile on your desktop or laptop?

If you are primarily using Facebook on your desktop no need to worry. Let us understand how to lock Facebook profiles here as well. Below are the series of steps that you need to follow

  • Step 1- Open Firefox, Google Chrome or any browser on your desktop or laptop
  • Step 2- then log in with your Facebook id and password
  • Step 3- once done you will see the Facebook home page. From there you need to head over to the profile page by clicking on your picture at the top right corner of your screen
  • Step 4- there is an edit profile button, and you will see three dots. Click on them
  • Step 5- the moment you do that a bunch of options will emerge. Click the last option to lock the profile
  • Step 6- A pop-up window will emerge and click on the lock your profile. An easy process!

By following the above steps, you have easily protected your Facebook profile from your desktop.

To conclude, for global communication Facebook is an exceptional social media tool. Since the world is concerned about data privacy, it is high time you protect your Facebook accounts for good. The moment you understand how to lock your Facebook profile data is secured from stalkers and hackers.

After locking you have to re-enter the password on all devices. The moment you have protected your profile on Facebook the platform will provide an indication of your profile. But be aware that if you have activated this function, you will not be able to display anything to the public. Rather friends or relatives can only see your profile. Stay Safe!

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