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A digital marketing plan is a pivotal part of your marketing and branding strategy for your clients. Lastly, event marketing creates lasting impressions for your customers that cannot be overlooked. Branded events and experiences motivate or inspire your clients to engage with your brand and build an emotional connection. How is event marketing valuable for brands, and how can you cash in on the benefits of an unconventional marketing strategy are vital pointers of consideration.

How is Event Marketing Valuable for Brands?
The definition of event marketing

Event marketing is a form of marketing where your brand is taken to an event. You may be the organizer of an event with your brand’s products or services at its centre, or you can take part in the event as a participant. They can be online events or face-to-face interactions.

Marketing events can inspire, amaze, transform, reassure, and provide a host of other emotions if properly executed within your brand. Understanding how event marketing is valuable for brands is all about driving customers to your brand. It helps customers connect with your brand and spread the word both online and offline.

Do you think event marketing is different?

Take the example of a modern-day customer. Every day, they are bombarded with numerous ads from various sources. With such a plethora of options in front of them, the customer either scrolls past most of them or does not bother to register. No one would like to devote even a second of their mental capacity to every detailed advertisement that they are likely to come across.

Enabling your brands to rise above the rest and empowering customers to take notice of them requires something that grabs their attention. Online advertising and social media ads no longer suffice, as you need to invest in a bold campaign to attract the targeted audience. Branded events allow customers to take a break from their daily lives and devote attention to the company or brand messages that you are trying to convey.

Customers are fully aware that, apart from a branded website, experimental and event marketing are the most important branding and marketing channels. Both of them should be integrated into your campaign. If you are planning to break through the monotonous nature of the ads and make the customers recall your brand, then event marketing is the way forward.

Event marketing and its popular forms

Let us understand the popular forms of event marketing that your company may host or attend. All these events can be held virtually, too.

  • Conferences: a large event organised by a major company where small businesses or brands extend support. For B2C and B2B brands, conferences are vital, and the events provide dynamic agendas.
  • Seminars are valuable, education-oriented, and attended by a small number of people. They involve lectures, discussions, and intimate networking opportunities.
  • Workshops- they are similar to seminars as the focus is on educating attendees and sharing knowledge with them. Workshops are conducted virtually or in person, and though they are not promotional, and revolve around a topic related to the business. This makes a company credible in their domain.
  • Launch parties are small parties that are held at the time of a major announcement or simply to celebrate the success of a milestone.

Events are the best way to establish connections with your customers and grow your brand. Events work since they are different from other marketing forms in that they are entertaining, immersive, and inspiring.

Event marketing and its benefits
Increases customer engagement

An integral aspect of event marketing is engaging your customers or prospects. In comparison to digital interference, people are more likely to attend an in-person event, fostering connections that are deemed valuable. Relationship marketing is the essence of brand loyalty. A marketing event provides a personalized, customized experience that allows customers to know more about the brand.

Showcase an event that reveals a story about your brand. The story can start off from the inception of a brand, how it grew or it can be the overall brand messages and how it fights for survival in this competitive world. The customers are allowed to sneak behind the curtain, and it is not only about the brand and the product list. Propping up the question of how event marketing is valuable for brands is all about developing emotional connections with your clients. It is about growing relationships and enhancing customer loyalty.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tactic and a component of your marketing strategy. It enhances brand awareness and attracts prospects and new clients. Word-of-mouth publicity is confined to social media platforms. Event attendees like to showcase their unique experiences or post about an event on their social media handles. The more the satisfaction levels of the clients more likely they are likely to become brand attendees.

Social media engagement is another KPI determining your event ROI. To make it easier to follow what the attendees are saying, develop an event hashtag for promoting an event.

How is Event Marketing Valuable for Brands?
Social marketing

Experimental and event marketing is not restricted to being used in commercial marketing. The impact of these marketing campaigns in improving business is undeniable, but for the greater good, they can be used.

The focus of social marketing is a non-commercial goal that benefits society as a whole. Any event that focuses on social good is bound to get the public’s nod. More people are likely to be involved in the event in comparison to traditional marketing efforts.

To sum up things, by now you are aware of how event marketing is valuable for brands. For the successful implementation of an event, you need to have a marketing plan that is separate from other activities that you do for your business. The details of an event can be shared on the social media platform, but it is better to promote it as a stand-alone event.

Organization and implementation of an event are challenging tasks. But approach it with a sensible strategy, and the first event will be planned in no time.

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