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It’s no surprise that social media remains a vital part of any business – whether small or large.

This form of promotion is an incredible tool which was not available to restaurateurs a mere few years ago and it is a relatively low-cost way to reach a wider range of audience. Therefore, if you want to increase your brand’s awareness, here are four tactics which can drive more customers to your establishment.

1: Post Captivating Photos

This can be described as one of the most significant restaurant tips. But why? Simple, food is a very visual aspect. Sometimes, words can’t evoke the feeling as an enticing mouth-watering salad. Colours are also not as captivating in print as they are in visuals. Therefore, photos will always be the main aspect of selling any product and therefore great photos of food should not be overlooked. Remember, there are many great restaurants serving great quality food, therefore, you also want to capture the atmosphere and the essence of your restaurant.

2: Reshare Customer-Generated Content

A cheaper form of influencer marketing, sharing the content generated from your customers is an authentic way of showing how your regulars feel about your restaurant. Amazing and staged photos are certainly great for drawing the customers in, but authentic experiences are equivalent to an amazing review and what do reviews do? It piques the interest of a potential customer while giving the recommendation of whether or not the restaurant is worth visiting.

3: Create Outstanding Social Pages

Outstanding pages are not only limited to the use of amazing photos. Outstanding pages also give important information about your restaurant. Important information ranges from current business hours to your location as well as your number and website link. You want your audience to be able to easily access you via a wide range of means, hiring GTECH, a social media marketing company in Dubai can helps you out in creating and maintaining your restaurants social media pages

4: Use Hashtags

A hashtag is used to identify a keyword and further facilitate a search for it. Therefore, hashtags help to raise awareness of your brand on social media. This is especially helpful on Instagram due to the fact that the users can now follow a particular hashtag that they find interesting without even following the profile of that establishment. Therefore, hashtags are particularly important as it further exposes your brand to those who might not have even known about it in the first place.

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