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Is Instagram dying? Is Instagram dying in 2023? The popular content creation platform has definitely seen its fair share of change over the years and with more and more users migrating to other apps, it may very well seem like Instagram is dead. What does this really mean and is there anything you can do about it?

Why Is the Platform Dying?

Instagram is dying but why is this happening? Instagram is constantly evolving to do what the platform is known to do best: grab your attention and retain it. The longer you stay on the platform, the more data Instagram captures which benefits shareholders. However, the app does not seem to have the same appeal as it used to and some may even describe Instagram as boring, filled to the brim with ads, extremely saturated, and challenging to grow in. There are a few reasons why Instagram is dying and here’s the gist of it:

is instagram dying
Is Instagram Dying in 2023?
The Algorithm Prioritizes Certain Content

The Instagram algorithm is infamous for changing and directing what kind of thrives on the platform. The algorithm analyzes user data by taking a look at the type of content you interact with and would like to see. Whatever content captures your attention the most and for the longest is the type of content that the platform splashes across your Instagram feed. While the Instagram algorithm is designed to cater to your interests, it definitely draws a fine line between what types of content grow quickly and what don’t. This is one of the reasons that users may think that Instagram is dying. 

Attention-Grabbing Content is Changing

Is Instagram dying in 2023? Throwing it back to the beginning of Instagram, making attention-grabbing content was not all that difficult. With pretty much the whole population of Instagram users new to the content creation game, artistic shots and feel-good, funny videos did really well. Content creators back then weren’t professional video editors or highly skilled photographers so everyone was able to garner some attention and get some reach. This was Instagram’s thriving period and there’s no going back.

With the emergence of Snapchat and Youtube, video content became more and more popular and preferred. Similar to TikTok, Instagram acknowledged that short videos are a great way to engage audiences and thus, Reels were born. Video content reigns supreme on social media and we are definitely engrossed in these short-form videos that range from a day in a life of a ceramicist to a comedian’s skit. Pre-2018 Instagram is dying and it seems like it’s going to stay that way. 

Organic Reach is Hard to Come By

Instagram has evolved to a point that organic reach is difficult for casual Instagram users to come by. While over the past few years, creating engaging content has become more challenging, with Reels and TikToks becoming the norm, it will just become a more competitive space. You could have gotten a ton of traction before but short-form videos today are a mix of high content creation skills like conception, editing, and execution as well as natural talent. If you’ve heard that Instagram is dead, that could be because there is now a smaller population of users that are equipped to create the content that the algorithm favors. 

is instagram growing or dying
Is Instagram Dying in 2023?
Is Instagram Growing or Dying and What Can You Do About It?

Is Instagram growing or dying? While the platform may not seem like it’s growing and thriving, you still have the opportunity to do so. Like everything else, Instagram has evolved over the years and your content should too. If you are using the platform for business, learn about the algorithm and treat Instagram as a tool. Research the type of content you should be creating in order to put yourself, services, or products out there and get potential consumer attention. Take time to learn how to put together reels or take photos in a way that captures what you have to offer. 

So, is Instagram dying in 2023? No, not quite yet. The platform definitely has competition but it will still stay relevant for content creators that leverage the algorithm and create content that people want to see. If you are a creator who runs a business too, you can connect with GTECH, a Digital Marketing company in Dubai who provides all services from SEO services, social media marketing to Google Ads management and web development.

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