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Enabling a streamlined process of being able to report bugs, issues, and change requests are essential for a seamless web experience. Not only do your team and business benefit from a help center, but your target market’s user experience is ultimately elevated. In order to do that, organisations need a tool like JIRA Help Desk.

Offered by Atlassian, JIRA Help Desk is a user-friendly software that is cost-effective and customisable. With its issue and request management features, this tool centralises incoming tickets, updates, and solutions progress. Service requests made by customers can be organised, automated, and categorised with ease, and service engineers are able to work on tasks efficiently. 

So how does JIRA service desk work? Addressing tickets in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the resolution helps businesses take control of their systems. JIRA Help Desk empowers the development of IT and customer support operations with its simple user interface (UI) and easy-to-use functionalities. 

Teams can access requests from various channels that include a business’ preferred chat tool, email, or tailor-made request forms. Additionally, a self-service portal that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be leveraged in knowledge base creation. 

Ticket management can be a time-consuming and tedious process but this software allows your agents and teams to collaborate, report, and track solution progress in real-time. GTECH dives deeper into this asset and walks you through how does JIRA service desk work in this JIRA onboarding guide. 

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Jira Software is utilised by product companies and is a tracking and reporting tool. Jira Agile is one component of Jira software that was designed to enable agile methodology via customisable Scrum and Kanban Boards.

Unlike Excel, Jira offers a more transparent, visual, and structured project management experience. Jira encourages collaboration and ensures task success with its user-friendly features, interface, and apps that can automate workflow processes when needed.

For businesses looking for a project management tool that caters to agile software development teams, Jira is better than Basecamp. Unlike Basecamp, Jira Software features Scrum and Kanban boards, a customisable workflow designer, issue and bug tracking, various add-ons, and runs in the cloud as well as your preferred server.

Jira is a powerful platform that has the following benefits:

  • Scrum and Kanban teams can easily visualise and break down projects into more manageable and less complex tasks which encourages efficiency and focus.
  • Teams stay organised, aligned, and accountable with the roadmap feature.
  • Dashboards and reports are kept up-to-date so that insights have the latest data regarding projects, tasks, and products.
  • Businesses can leverage the various apps, tools, and integrations compatible with Jira.
  • Jira encourages DevOps integration and collaboration between IT and dev teams.
  • Atlassian constantly innovates and continuously improves Jira functionality so that the platform remains cutting-edge.

Atlassian developed Jira with the following main features:

  • Agile development via Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Project task tracking
  • Native mobile applications
  • Reports that visualise relevant information and statistics
  • Top-notch security
  • Various add-ons
  • Product integrations
  • Issue creation via emails and forms
  • Roadmaps
  • Real-time notifications
  • The flexible, customisable, and extensive search option
  • Activity log
  • Issue templates
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Color-coded issue time tracking

There are different types of issues associated with the three types of Jira: Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk.

Jira Work Management is designed as a collaborative work tool that tracks and provides shared views of projects, processes, and daily tasks.

While both task management software offers Kanban boards, Jira is known for its Scrum and sprint boards as well. Unlike Jira, Trello is more compatible with businesses that simply need a general-use project management tool. On the other hand, Jira caters more to software development teams and their organisations.

Jira Core is ideal for business teams and projects. On the other hand, Jira software caters to agile teams who specialize in software development projects.

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