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GA4, Google Analytics 4 is the talk of the town now. Universal Analytics [UA] has reached its final days and getting ready to be replaced by GA4 by July 2023. As is the case, there is no other way than migrating to GA4 as soon as possible. So, you will have enough time to get used to it. The new Google Analytics features can aid business owners and marketers in designing and implementing useful marketing tactics to get hold of the market. In the era of digital marketing, these Google Analytics features make life easier for businesses. 

Since GA4 is all set to replace UA, it has the potential to help you in taking your business to the next level. Google Analytics features are efficient enough to answer all the sceptical eyes that are staring at it. The new GA4 features to aid businesses with more insights and data that influence better decision-making and marketing campaign optimization.

GA4 features tailored for businesses 

To put it simply, GA4 offers customer-centric or user-centric measurements. It helps to understand the performance of your website and how users interact with your marketing techniques. You will be able to track how the user or customer found your website or app and how close they are to your business.

This also provides insight into your marketing efforts. This is one of the core GA4 features that give you access to a bunch of different reports like an overview of how users landed on your website, different actions people have taken after they have reached you, review general demographic and device information about your audience, and more.

Event-driven data model
ga4 features
Key Features in GA4 (Google Analytics 4) that Businesses Should Know

GA4 is event-driven when compared to GA3. GA4 considers every action taken by a user as an event. These events provide information like scroll tracking, site search tracking, engagement of videos, outbound clicks, and more. 

App + Web tracking

One of the key Google Analytics features which makes it more desirable than UA is its ability to track the performance of the website and the app. The ‘App + Web’ feature of GA4 replaces the use of GA3 for websites and Firebase for mobile applications. This GA4 feature which helps the tracking of both the apps and the web makes the process of tracking easier and saves a lot of time.

Cross-device insights
ga4 features
Key Features in GA4 (Google Analytics 4) that Businesses Should Know

Google Analytics 4 supports enhanced cross-device tracking. It helps you to understand customers’ behaviour across different platforms and can initiate steps to provide a better user experience over all the platforms. This is a notable feature among the ones o that enables you to have a deep and clear understanding of your marketing tactics. Identification of the better working technique is made easier. Also, improvements can be made to the marketing channels and techniques if needed.  


GA4 is designed by giving much importance to privacy. The privacy element among the GA4 features includes default IP anonymization, location of servers and restricted data transfer, shorter data storage duration, consent mode, users’ personal data deletion, and rules regarding PII.

Machine Learning Capability

GA4 has built-in machine learning capability to help you with a better understanding of customer behavior and journey. It provides valuable insights into any anomalies like a sudden spike in traffic or drop-offs in engagements. Such insights can help you in improving your website or apps. It also forecasts or predicts the probability of conversions or future behavior of customers. You can identify the potential customers who can be big buyers in the future. All these insights can help retain users too. 

Advertising workspace
google analytics features
Key Features in GA4 (Google Analytics 4) that Businesses Should Know

The advertising workspace in GA4 has reports of your inbound advertising and marketing activities in the GA4 interface. It allows you to understand the metrics of other campaigns as well as paid and organic traffic sources. It assists you with data about the relationship between your marketing channels and user behaviours.

The advertising workspace in GA4 provides you with a powerful suite of tools for managing and optimizing your advertising campaigns. Campaign reporting, integration with Google Ads and firebase, attribution models, creation of custom audiences, attribution models, experimentation, and more are possible with GA4’s advertising workspace.

Data Streams

Data streams are part of the Google Analytics features. GA3’s views are replaced by data streams in GA4. GA4 has a single analytical property called data streams. Your website, iOs app, and Android app are the data sources. By applying filters directly to your report, you can change the way you track and see your data from each stream.

Winding Up

These are a few of the new Google Analytics features that have the power to change the whole game upside down. The GA4 features allow digital marketers and business owners to use the internet spaces in the most appropriate way to reach the target audiences. All of these GA4 features directly help marketers in identifying consumer behavior and in implementing marketing techniques that can bring huge changes in influencing consumers. These right influences hence encourage more traffic to sales and thus an increased profit rate.

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