QR codes have now become part of our life without question. In fact, we might be more familiar with this piece of technology rather than knowing our neighbors next door. From being exclusively present in the payment sections to popping up on newspapers, posters, and magazines, the QR codes have made a tremendous leap and are accessible to a wider audience. Today they are used in various scenarios such as QR codes for events, customer engagements etc. by businesses, marketing agencies, individuals, and the list goes on. If you are a marketing agency who hasn’t tried the whole QR code for events and customer management, this would be the right time to get started.

QR codes to increase event engagement: Top actionable tips
How are QR codes beneficial for marketing agencies?

In terms of advantages, QR codes offer several perks for marketing agencies. By utilizing these benefits, marketers can reach their audience across multiple channels faster, and more importantly, boost user engagement. The following section lists some benefits which you can enjoy by including QR codes for your next campaign or digital marketing activity.

Seamless marketing from offline to online 

What would be the best way to integrate offline and online businesses without shelling out too much cash? Effective use of QR codes. By linking the QR codes to your website and strategically placing QR codes on offline advertising channels such as billboards, magazines, brochures, etc. Offline customers can scan the code and engage with your website/product.

Increased popularity 

It’s no doubt that QR codes have become highly popular among the common people. Due to this factor, they are the perfect choice for creating engagements and interactive marketing campaigns among customers thereby increasing their curiosity. 

Cost-effective strategy

One of the most significant advantages of QR codes is their lower cost which makes them ideal for startup companies/businesses that have limited budgets. Spending QR codes for customer engagement assures higher branding within the shortest time if executed correctly.

Detailed tracking 

Want to know how effective your particular ad campaign is? With QR codes, you will never have to lose track of your marketing ads or campaigns. By scanning them, digital marketers can easily track through which devices and from which locations the QR codes are scanned by the customers.

Durable and long-lasting marketing

Everything we interact with in the technical world will expire after a certain time but not QR codes. Digital marketers can create one and use them for years. Apart from that, QR codes are highly durable to work fine even after sustaining around 30% structural damage.

Increasing event engagement through QR codes

Now that you know the multiple benefits of QR codes for long-term success, here we explain how marketing agencies or businesses like yours can use QR codes for customer engagement through various tips, read on below.

QR codes to increase event engagement: Top actionable tips
Guide & Increase website traffic

Through the use of QR codes for events, it is pretty easy to guide your online target audience to your website. By adding your company website or landing page details in the QR code, all customers need to do is scan and access, just like that. Also, attracting an offline audience would have been slightly difficult if there was no QR code technology.

Boost mobile app downloads

What if you could download a particular mobile app instantly whose details you saw on the offline mediums? By including the app details in the QR code, customers can download them in a few clicks. Guess what, as more customers switch to this trend, this results in a higher number of application downloads. 

Digital business card creation

If everything in the business world is digital, why must we rely on the traditional business card for communication purposes? Including your contact details and other relevant information into QR codes for events and sharing them with your prospects is way better than handing over paper cards. As QR codes are safe and convenient, customers don’t have to worry about losing the data or manually requiring them to enter details.

Offer discount codes

Giving customers discount coupons is a great way to create higher engagement but the challenge is distributing them and encouraging them to use them. Creating event tickets with QR codes effectively helps address the problem and promotes the use of coupons. Since the discount codes will be included in the QR code, all the customer has to do is scan the code and get the discount value at the time of purchase.

Enable QR codes for event registration 

The primary goal of an event marketing program is to increase engagement and what is the best way to do it?  Using QR codes, of course. Placing event tickets with QR codes on billboards and print ads allows customers to register for the event seamlessly. Also by tracking the code, marketers can find out the exact number of registrations done and other data such as location, etc.


Without a doubt, it can be said that QR codes are one of the most preferred and highly effective tools to use for increasing customer engagement in the long term. With the immense benefits it offers to digital marketers in terms of measuring the data and convenience to the customers, utilizing this amazing yet cost-effective technology is the logical way to take your business to newer heights.

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