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In March 2019, the Ahrefs team announced their upcoming contribution to the SEO industry: Ahref’s Yep search engine. Taking a step back, Ahref’s new search engine Yep, was the brainchild of Dmitry Gerasimenko whose vision for the search engine was to support quality content and adequately compensate content creators and publishers. 

Inspired by YouTube’s revenue split that contributed to the growth of the video content creation industry, what do you need to know about Ahref’s Yep search engine? Looking at the Yep vs Google search engine battle, does Yep stand a chance?

What Does Ahref’s “Yep” Search Engine Mean?

Yep, the upcoming alternative to Google has no specific meaning but came about after the Ahrefs team watched Nickelodeon’s Avatar. Aang, the main character of the animated series would command his bison to take flight with the phrase “yip-yip” which the team changed to Yep. 

Ahref’s new search engine, Yep was named after a short and memorable phrase compared to other search engine names that were considered over the years such as or, which the team could not get.

Yep vs Google search engine
Yep vs Google search engine
How Does Ahref’s Yep Search Engine Work?
Crawling and Indexing

Yep has its very own crawling and indexing structure, to be called YepBot, which currently has over 10 billion pages. However, Yep vs Google search engine which has 4 times more data, Yep is still in its beginning stages.

A Personal Search Experience

What sets Yep apart from other search engines is that the Ahrefs team is prioritising a private, personalised experience that puts content creators first. 

High-Quality Content

Unlike Bing or Google, Ahref’s new search engine is hoping to garner favor and rise to the forefront of the search engine game with its 90/10 revenue model which ultimately benefits content creators. This profit share model is supposed to pay 90% of ad profits to publishers and creators. 

Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Ahref’s Yep search engine is also hoping to break away from the traditional top 10 blue links that we associate search engine results pages with. Currently, Yep’s SERPs are under construction and provide links to other search engines because it has yet to provide refined and useful results to all queries. 

Yep vs Google search engine
Yep vs Google search engine
Will Yep Be Able to Compete with Google?

Comparing the two side-by-side, Yep has a long way to go before it can directly compete with Google. Let’s look at Yep vs Google search engine:

User Experience

With its current algorithm and due to the Ahrefs Bot, Ahref’s new search engine does not yet provide extremely relevant and up-to-date content to user queries. This upcoming search engine does not process meta tags, structured data, and local searches to the capacity that Google does. In terms of user experience and performance, Google outranks other search engines. 


While Ahref’s yep search engine’s selling point is its 90/10 revenue split, it is still unclear how the search engine will be able to generate any revenue with its no third-party search index and privacy first policy. As we know, search engines make money from various advertisements and tracking user data. With its revenue model that puts publishers, their content, and profits first, it does not seem as if Yep will be able to compete with Google in terms of revenue just yet. 

The Rundown: Yep vs Google Search Engine

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it is safe to say that Ahref’s Yep search engine has room for improvement and will need to gear up before taking on Google. Of course, Yep is still starting to come together and if its profit-sharing model wins over content creators, we could be looking at the future of search queries. With that being said, if you want to increase your business search queries, connect with GTECH, an SEO company in Dubai that is well-known for increasing organic growth on Google and other search engines.