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Whether you own a business or handle digital marketing for a brand with different physical locations, the quality of your local business listings and SEO matters a lot in regards to your customer experience.

73 percent of customers visit the brand sites only after going through the business listings. Local business Listings usually include locations, working hours, contact information, profiles and stuff which helps search engines to get the data to the customers. The effort to keep business information up to date across all these maps, apps, search engines can be time consuming but it’s really important to do so.

Local listings are always prioritized in search results and a good local listings is equally a good SEO. SEO is a method of getting traffic to your website organically and getting your page rank higher. All search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing has indexing of websites which includes submission of sitemap. Having all relevant content in your website and tags, description, keywords wherever required at the backend will help your SEO score go higher which in-turn increases your page ranking. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image, video, news and it is all about optimizing a business’s online presence so that its web pages will be displayed by search engines when a user enters a local search for its products or services.

The customers who see the business information through search results have more probability to visit the website and further turn towards leads or sales. So take your time and update all your information online to reach your targets.


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