Google Analytics has incorporated dozens of dimensions or metrics that would help marketers this festive season. The new updates were rolled out as part of the GA4 e-commerce set- up. As part of these updates, new eCommerce dimensions and metrics were added to the customer reports builder.

It is not only creating ga4 e-commerce reports from scratch, it also means that you can edit standard e-commerce reports too.

Why we care

Incorporating this new GA4 e-commerce tracking module will give you a better idea about the campaigns, obtain insights and make data-centric decisions. In due course of time, it would lead to an increase in revenue.

ga4 ecommerce reports
The New Google Analytics 4 Dimensions And Metrics for eCommerce Reports

New E-commerce dimensions

GA4 has the following e-commerce dimensions available in the customs report builder.

  • New affiliation
  • Item category
  • Item brand
  • Item category 2
  • Item category 3
  • Item category 4
  • Item category 5
  • Item ID
  • Item list ID
  • Item Location ID
  • Item Promotion creative slot
  • Item Promotion creative name
  • Item List name
  • Item list position
  • Item variant
  • Shopping tier
  • Item promotion name

New e-Commerce metrics-

GA4 e-commerce setup has the following metrics that are available in the custom report builder.

  • Gross purchase revenue
  • Gross item revenue
  • Item revenue
  • Item refund amount
  • Item added to cart
  • Item checked out
  • Item clicked in promotion
  • Item purchased 
  • Item viewed
  • Items viewed in promotion
  • Items viewed in the list
  • Purchase revenue
  • Refund amount
  • Shipping amount
  • Tax invoice.

Duplicate revenue metrics removed

Apart from the introduction of new GA4 e-commerce metrics and dimensions, Google has gone on to remove the following duplicate revenue metrics

  • E commerce revenue
  • Event revenue.

The views of Google

In the ga4 e-commerce update, Google has stated on the Google Analytics announcement page

  • They recommend updating any explorations using the GA4 e-commerce set-up or event revenue metric in showcasing how to use the purchase revenue metric
  • To create explorations and see revenue from e-commerce transactions use Purchase revenue. Existing explorations which use the removed metrics will continue to work but new explorations should be using the new metrics instead.

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