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Trade shows or expo events in Dubai are a valuable marketing tool for organizations, entrepreneurs business magnets, etc. that offer unique benefits such as cross-cultural awareness, exposure to new technologies, and the chance to build new alliances, connect with potential customers and more. For these events to get their maximum reach, it has to be held at iconic Locations accessible to all and offer great value. When it comes to that, Dubai is one of the most preferred locations to conduct a wide variety of expo events. Let’s see why it is and also some of 2023’s upcoming events, let’s get started.

What Awaits in Dubai?

Being the most populous city in the UAE and home to the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa is one of the luxury tourist destinations ideal for business development, leisure and entertainment. Dubai has been the centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century thanks to its thriving economy. Since expo events in Dubai are one of the best marketing tools for an organization, it only makes sense to conduct them in a place having a huge population density.

Expo events in Dubai offer businesses a big exposure that allows them to expand their audiences and opportunities. Hosting an event in Dubai has its perks as the UAE government provides various incentives to foreign business owners who establish a company in Dubai. As 2023 has started, several expo events are scheduled to be held in various locations in Dubai. Professionals and experts from different industries are expected to come and share the latest trends in the market, showcase their products and services, etc.

2023’s Top Upcoming Dubai events

Like last year, several events are scheduled to be held at various locations by multiple industries. Let’s see what they are:

Paper One Show

Dates: 21/2/23 – 23/2/23 

Location: Dubai – Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE

Category: Packing & Packaging

The 8th edition of this international exhibition will be held in the MENA region in February 2023. Held once every two years, this mega event brings together some of the finest paper manufacturing professionals around the world. The event focuses on showcasing all kinds of paper products ranging from printing paper, paper jumbo rolls, writing paper, corrugated materials, hygienic paper, etc.


Dates: 20/2/23 – 24/2/23

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

Category: Food & Beverages

The 28th edition of the Gulfood will be held in February at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Being one of the largest annual food and beverages sourcing events, Gulfood offers exciting activities, informative conferences, business networking opportunities and more. Being one of the most sought Dubai events, Gulfood will span eight food and beverage sectors which will present high-quality meat, dairy and organic products sourced from national and international suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. What’s more, customers can participate in the various culinary masterclasses led by Michelin-star chefs.

Paper Arabia
expo events in Dubai
Top Expo Events in Dubai

Dates: 15/5/23 – 17/5/23

Location: Dubai, UAE

Category: Paper Industry

This year, the Paper Arabia event has been revamped to showcase innovative products and cutting-edge processes in the paper industry. The fair focuses on sustainability, health, and eco-friendliness, making it a hub for buyers, sellers, and industry leaders to gather and discuss the latest trends in the industry. This event offers a chance to expand knowledge and gain insights into market developments with international participants. Over 130 exhibitors from 30+ countries and 6000+ visitors from 70+ countries are expected to attend the fair making it one of the highly anticipated Dubai events in 2023.

Cabsat 2023

Dates: 16/5/23 – 18/5/23

Location: Dubai world trade centre 

Category: Digital Media

Get ready for one of the most significant creative, broadcast and satellite community Dubai events ever. The show leads the way in digital media innovation and interactive experiences. Cabsat 2023 brings together over 300 international exhibitors and 12,000 attendees from 100 countries to explore cutting-edge solutions and insights from industry leaders. Network with content producers, distributors and key influencers to better understand the latest trends and best practices in the media industry.

Index 2023

Dates: 23/5/23 – 25/5/23

Location: Dubai world trade centre

Category: Furniture and Interior Design

This two-day program is touted as one of the most expo events in Dubai. The primary objective of Index 2023 is to showcase a wide array of modern furniture and interior design trends for the hospitality industry. The whole purpose of these Dubai events is to bring together multiple manufacturers. Commercial and retail buyers under one roof to share their valuable knowledge and insights on the latest trends in the furniture 

GITEX Impact ESG Summit & Sustainability Event
expo events in Dubai
Top Expo Events in Dubai

Dates: 16/10/23 – 20/10/23

Location: Dubai world trade centre

Category: Sustainable Living

As the name itself suggests, GITEX Impact is focused on implementing steps towards building a sustainable future. Being one of the most sought global expo events in Dubai, GITEX Impact will provide an exclusive stage where breakthrough and innovative green technologies, finance, investments and sustainable business models guided by global ESG standards will be unveiled. The main attendees include top global companies across a wide range of sectors, leading public policymakers, non-government leaders, innovators, etc.

Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo
expo events in Dubai
Top Expo Events in Dubai

Dates: 16/10/23 – 20/10/23

Location: Dubai world trade centre

Category: Infrastructure

Now, that’s a long name. This is one of many exciting Dubai events that will bring together the world’s most renowned and influential urbanists from various sectors who will lay out innovative ideas to build the sustainable cities of tomorrow. The latest concepts happening in the field of urban planning, sustainable urban development, investing in future urbanization, infrastructure and technology, will also be addressed by these experts. So, if you are a fan of this kind of futuristic infrastructure, better save the date and start preparing.


The list goes even further but only the necessary ones are listed here. If you want to get the correct exposure for your business, attending any of these events is a wise decision. One of the added advantages of these events is gaining valuable knowledge and information on the various trending technologies, products and services in detail. Therefore, save the dates and start planning for the various expo events in Dubai.

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