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According to a latest research conducted by Conversocial, 43 percent of clients expect social channels to be incorporated with other customer service channels,

For internet companies today, paying attention to what clients say on social media and acknowledging their feedback has never been more crucial. Customers turn to social media rather than letting businesses know exactly what they thought about their experience.

Here’s how your company can use social media to collect that feedback and how you can use it to increase productivity, customer loyalty, and revenues.

Get Feedback From Customers on Social Media

One of the primary reasons your company can profit from collecting social media feedback is because your clients are already talking about you, quite simply. As an online business, it is your responsibility to make sure that you find out precisely where these discussions are taking place, so that you can either help or praise your faithful supporters. Not all of your clients will tweet or even send a message straight to your brand when a problem occurs.

That’s why your business needs to create a social media listening strategy to find out precisely what kind of feedback your clients are leaving online and what they’re saying when mentioning your business, so you can take the right action.

Here are 4 ways your company can develop an efficient social media listening strategy to collect feedback from your customers.

1. Update Your Status

One of the simplest and fastest ways your company can collect immediate feedback on social media is to ask people questions via status updates. Your supporters are already following your company online as they trust you and feel as if the content you post and share gives them value. By asking them questions directly on social media, your company can collect immediate feedback from your society and find out precisely what they’re thinking about your product, service, or even an event.

2. Create Forms and Surveys For Feedback

Not all individuals who follow your business on social media will be available to leave remarks or answers to the public and comprehensive reviews. Some prefer to remain low-key or totally anonymous in their views. That’s why building an online survey is your perfect solution to collect customer feedback without focusing on any clients in the process.

There are many free websites to choose from, but one of the simplest is Survey Monkey, which provides you with a free version to get you started. Once the survey has been developed, you can then share the distinctive connection in any of these possible places: through a status update, in the bio section on your social profiles, in your customer replies, along with a request for immediate feedback.

3. Monitor Comments

When requesting feedback, your company does not always have to contact clients directly. Sometimes, just monitoring their participation on your social channels is your greatest tool to figure out what your clients are saying about you. Keep an eye on thesethree key variables:

  • Customer feeling: Was their reaction positive, negative, or neutral?
  • Voice tone: How did they portray their ideas or character?
  • Key problems: Have there been any recurring topics that followers continued to highlight?

Using these three core rules, once you have passed through the remarks, you will start to notice the main regions where your company is performing well and where it could be improved. It is your task to verify these comments daily — especially during important campaigns — to gain a better knowledge of how your marketing or messaging was received.

4. Use Social Analytics

Using social media analytics is another excellent way to get feedback from your company on the main conduct patterns of your supporters. All social networks incorporate this analytic feature, enabling your business to get a snapshot of its performance and a deeper insights into customer engagement. Key tracking metrics include:

  • Commitment: How many interactions are receiving your messages? What types of material do your fans most frequently participate with?
  • Exposure: How many individuals are your company talking about? How many reach out?
  • Influence: Where and by whom is your brand discussed? How can you take advantage of this impact?

By regularly evaluating this information, your company can determine the top content that your community engages with, as well as the subjects and conversations that spark most of the discussions. It is essential that you review your social analytics at least once a day to determine key patterns and modify what works and what does not work. This will guarantee that all of your company’s content and discussions are in line with client expectations and will therefore have a greater effect.

Finally, you want to bear in mind when reviewing this information on a weekly basis that no single approach will work on a long-term basis. Change the way you regularly create and build your content to see how it affects engagement and feedback, or you can connect with GTECH, a digital marketing company in Dubai that will help you out in maintaining your company’s social media account, which drives better feedback for your company.

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