Being part of an inbound discussion, a lot of folks are still not aware of the difference between link Bait and clickbait.  Before we get to the difference between clickbait and linkbait, a lot of people believe that they are the same. A careful evaluation when it comes to the difference between link bait and clickbait will reveal that they are almost the same with principles the same.

difference between link bait and clickbait
difference between link bait and clickbait

What is link bait?

Before we proceed let us understand the meaning of link bait. In SEO when content is placed on a website especially to entice people to link to it. What is link bait is any material developed with the intention of getting webmasters and influencers to link to it and share it on social media.

Coming to the definition of link baiting people end up considering it subjective in various ways. The examples of link baiting is when someone may consider a photo to be a link bait but a few others may consider linking to it. In every way, link baiting is in the eyes of the beholder.

Has the thought ever struck you that the thought may be so provoking that you are compelled to link? This is linkbait in action. A few of the examples of link bait used in a sentence are the beginner’s guide to SEO by MoZ

What is clickbait?

Before we get to the difference between link bait and clickbait, there is a need to understand what is click baiting.  It is website content that is aimed at generating revenue at the expense of accuracy and quality. This relies on sensational headings to attract thoughts such as headlines.

Figuring more about what is click-baiting means a negative connotation to a word is provided but this does not have to be the case. A concise view of what is clickbait is that it can be done positively.

The difference between link bait and clickbait

One of the major differences between clickbait and linkbait is that the latter focuses on content.  Clickbait on the other hand is desired to obtain quality links that may not be worthy of a link. The link-building myths could be an in-depth blog on a specific topic whereas clickbait may turn out to be a sensational piece of heading.

Another difference between clickbait and linkbait is that with the former you publish an article without the intention of link-building. An example is if you are creating a guest post for another website and do not link it back to your site, then this is one of the dos and don’ts of link building that you need to avoid.

The benefits of link bait

By now you have an idea of what is link baiting let us figure out the benefits associated with it. There are numerous reasons for using link bait on your website

  • It helps to avail more backlinks that can help in increasing your SEO
  •  Once people share your bait content more traffic increases to your website
  • Helps to build relationships between bloggers or other websites in your particular niche

It is not only about what is link baiting, a well-crafted one goes on to enhance the reliability and credibility of your website. It is not always going to be easy to come up with link-bait ideas that work but it would be worth the effort. Make it a point that you may not be misleading people with the promises or headlines of what the content is likely to be.

The examples of a good link bait

After having understood all about what is link bait let us figure out a few examples of it.

  • An opinion on a controversial topic
  • An in-depth case study on how to guide
  • A postcard or a video post with an expert

These are just a few cases where you may get started with what is link bait. There are numerous possibilities and the best thing is that you need to craft something interesting and creative. Then only it will be link-worthy.

Creation of a link bait that will make sure that the website shows up

By now you have understood what is clickbait and the definition of link bait. You need to have an idea of how to use it. The key is to create a linkbait that works. Not only it should be shareable but it has to appeal to the target audience and offer something new or unique to the audience. It has to be designed in such a manner that it sparks certain emotions of happiness or anger.

To get the process started brainstorm a few ideas for link bait but it has to be a good fit for your website. The moment you have a few ideas it is the right time to get started and there are a few tips that you can follow

  • Ensure that the link bait is of top quality and well-researched
  • Reaching out to the bloggers or website experts in the industry and make them aware of your content
  •  Coming up with high-quality content that showcases the value of your website

Once you follow all these tips you will be able to create a high-quality link bait and you need to be patient. It does take some amount of time for your content to weave the necessary magic. There is no assurance that it is going to be a sure shot hit whatever the quality of the content is. The key is to try out new things and it will eventually work for you.

The difference between clickbait and linkbait is that they cannot work hand in hand. An ideal way is to get a link bait and share it to assign a clickbait headline.

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