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When people begin to optimize their campaigns, particularly search marketing, the last thing that is optimized is the landing page. There exists a good reason for needing to figure out which attributes describe a good landing page experience—at least not in the manner by which Google ranks them.

What is a good landing page experience?

The landing page experience is a measure of how relevant and useful your landing page will be to a user who clicks on any of your ads. The Ad Words status, which is measured as average, below average, or above average, indicates whether users are likely to find what they are looking for and have a positive experience on the landing page.

what makes a good landing page
Which Attributes Describe a Good Landing Page Experience?

To understand which attributes describe a good landing page experience, make sure that each landing page is relevant to the keywords and ads are directed to the intended people, as the page should be useful for the visitors. a straightforward approach to dealing with customers and ensuring that you know exactly what you require from them. All these factors have an important role to play in answering the question, “What makes a good landing page?”

With the status, you can identify the landing pages that may impact your conversion rates. The landing page experience is one of the factors contributing to the quality score.

The definition of quality score

The quality score is the manner in which Google rates the quality and conversion of your keywords and ads in PPC campaigns. The score determines the cost per click in conjunction with your maximum bid. To determine ad rank and PPC in the auction process, AdWords multiplies the specific bid with the total quality score.

Sadly, no one outside of Google is aware of how the quality scores are calculated, but it is dependent on numerous factors.

  • Keyword relevance for each ad group
  • Ad text relevance
  • Landing page relevance and quality
  • The click-through rate (CTR)
  • Historical performance of your Google Ads account

These are the factors that compromise your total quality score; there is no idea how each factor is weighted in an algorithm except for the click-through rate, which we are aware is the most important component.

This is understandable as more people see your ad and click on it, a viable indicator that the ads are relevant and useful to the users. The quality score is important as it leads to higher ad rankings and lower costs.

which attributes describe a good landing page experience
Which Attributes Describe a Good Landing Page Experience?
The attributes that describe a good landing page experience

The term “what makes a good landing page experience” differs in meaning among the users. Firstly, it points to an above-average score for landing page experience on Google AdWords. Secondly, the second type of good landing page experience indicates that the landing page is well optimized for the users and leads to conversions. Though they may sound similar, they are not the same. We will be focusing our attention on the first type of good landing page experience.

All the landing pages have to be relevant. You may write an ad about weight loss and direct the users to a landing page about clothes. Furthermore, you should not hide anything from your audience, such as pretending your product costs $ 10 when it may only cost $ 10 for the first week.

Ensure that the page is easy to navigate, which attributes describe a good landing page experience at a considerable level. This is even if you are not including the actual navigation and making use of a call-to-action button. If they are looking to leave your page, make it easy for them. If they want to convert, make it easy for them to do so.

Original and relevant content

If you are looking to create a good landing page experience, ensure that the content is original and relevant. Relevant content is one of the most important attributes in describing a good landing page experience.

  • Ensure that the page is directly related to ad text and keywords.
  • If you want the options to be general, an example is that if a user is looking to compare laptop models or undertaking a search for laptops in general, there is no point in directing them to a landing page that has only a single specific laptop model.
  • For the product you are advertising, provide useful and relevant information.

While measuring relevance, the first thing that you need to do is measure the relevance of your landing page to the keywords and the keywords to your ads. Include as many keywords as possible in your ad group and on your different landing pages. This could be one of the reasons why you need a landing page per ad group.

The landing page should reflect the keywords and the search query that led the users to the page. Ensure that there is a direct link between what a user is looking for and the place they land after clicking an ad.

Easy to navigate
  • Make sure that the page is designed and organized in a clear manner so that you do not have to search for the page or information that you are looking for.
  • Make sure that it is quick and easy for people to convert.
  • Do not utilize any annoying features, like a full-screen pop-up that could interfere with the user’s navigation of the landing page.

What makes a good landing page is that the users should be able to navigate when they reach your website. Even if you do not include the main navigation, you should make it easier for them to find the offer that brought them to the page. In the end, do not confuse the visitors by offering multiple links to multiple offers or different sections of your website.

To guarantee a positive landing page experience, avoid distractions. A user may become distracted, deviating from the intended conversion action, and fail to complete it. Ensure that you go on to minimize all possible distractions, like external links or irrelevant sidebars or menus. Coupled with the fact that all the features on your website work correctly.

Encourage transparency and build trustworthiness
  • Specify clearly what your company does, and do not share any irrelevant information with the users.
  • Before asking users to provide their information, clearly explain the products or services that you are offering.
  • Ensure that the contact details are easy to find. The company address has to be part of the footer, and the phone number should be mentioned in the header.

A user wants to work with a company that complies with legal protocols. You should be transparent in your approach and gain their trust. The correct information needs to be readily available. One of the key attributes outlining what makes a good landing page is, apart from the phone number and email address, providing social media links and a physical address. The more you are available to your prospective customer, the more they will begin to trust you.

You, too, must be open and honest about the information you collect from users. This includes cookies and other information collected from forms. Mention to them the purpose of collecting information, why you will be using it, and where it will be stored.

what makes a good landing page
Which Attributes Describe a Good Landing Page Experience?
The landing page loading time is to be reduced
  • When a user clicks on an ad, the page should be able to load quickly.
  • The page must work well on both computers and mobile devices.
  • Think along the lines of converting your page into an accelerated mobile page.

There is no worse feeling than waiting for a considerable period of time for a website page to load. Think about the websites that you visited and took the time to load. Did you wait or move on to another site? When determining which attributes describe a good landing page experience, website loading time holds relevance.

It does not make sense to perfect the landing page experience and images if it takes a long time to load. A user will not have the time to experience it, and Google is known to penalize websites that have a long loading time. This is going to have a negative impact on the landing page experience status and, hence, your quality score. There are a few tools that help you determine the speed of your landing page and figure out areas for improvement.

The landing page experience is more than how the landing page works. From our discussion up until now, you will have an idea of which attributes describe a good landing page experience. These attributes also play an important role in determining your quality score, which affects your ad costs and placements.

To achieve a good landing page experience, ensure that the landing page design features original and relevant content, promotes transparency, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate.

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