Diriyah Bashayer Event, a groundbreaking showcase of sustainable luxury and cultural richness, unveiled its dazzling vision for the future. And behind the velvet ropes, ensuring only authorized eyes witnessed this transformation, stood GTECH – the architect of a secure and efficient accreditation system.

As Diriyah unveiled its crown jewels – the Aman, Oberoi, and Six Senses hotels – along with the Eastern Gate and Wadi Safar Experience Center, it needed a robust accreditation system to:

  • Grant exclusive access: Ensure only authorized event team members from the organizing committee can access the restricted areas.
  • Streamline registration and badge printing: Provide a user-friendly platform for team members to register, manage their information, and print unique badges at the venue.
  • Maintain data integrity: Securely store and manage registration data, upholding the highest standards of privacy and accuracy.
  • Offer flexibility and control: Facilitate easy approval, rejection, and editing of registrations, adapting to last-minute changes and unforeseen needs.
  • Track badge collection and ensure security: Implement a system to monitor badge collection and prevent unauthorized entry, maintaining a secure event environment.
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event


GTECH, a master builder of digital bridges, crafted an accreditation platform that exceeded expectations:

  • Intuitive online portal: Team members could easily register, update information, and download printable badges with unique bar codes.
  • Centralized data management: A secure database housed all registration details, allowing authorized personnel to manage approvals, rejections, and updates efficiently.
  • On-demand badge printing: A dedicated team at the venue enabled authorized personnel to print and reprint badges, accommodating last-minute registrations and lost materials.
  • Real-time badge collection tracking: Scannable bar codes on badges facilitated real-time tracking of collected badges, identifying potential security breaches and maintaining exclusivity.
  • Dedicated on-site support: GTECH provided skilled personnel to manage badge printing, address last-minute registrations, and offer technical assistance throughout the event.
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event


GTECH’s accreditation system proved instrumental in Bashayer’s success, delivering tangible outcomes:

  • Secured access for hundreds of authorized personnel: The system ensured only legitimate event team members accessed the site, maintaining a controlled and secure environment.
  • Seamless registration and badge management: The user-friendly platform and on-demand printing eliminated wait times and facilitated efficient access control.
  • Robust data security and privacy: Secure data storage and management upheld the highest standards of data protection for registered members.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to last-minute changes: The system efficiently accommodated on-site registrations and updates, ensuring smooth event operations.
  • Enhanced visitor experience: Secure and streamlined access contributed to a positive and exclusive experience for authorized attendees.
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event
Accreditation System for Diriyah Bashayer Event


GTECH’s accreditation system played a pivotal role in securing and elevating Diriyah’s Bashayer event. Our solution not only protected sensitive areas but also facilitated a seamless experience for authorized personnel, allowing Diriyah to unveil its luxury oasis to the world with precision and elegance.

With GTECH by their side, Diriyah can continue to unlock the doors to a transformative future, where sustainable luxury and cultural authenticity reign supreme.