Diriyah Company, a visionary arm of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, sought a digital experience as exquisite as the residences themselves. Enter GTECH, the tech architect, crafting a custom appointments booking system that orchestrated a seamless, personalized journey for discerning guests.

Converting prospective residents into captivated owners at The Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah demanded a booking system that could:

  • Exude luxury and ease: Showcase the residence’s elegance and exclusivity through a user-friendly, visually stunning appointment platform.
  • Empower guest control: Offer a convenient online platform for visitors to choose their preferred date and time, granting complete control over their experience.
  • Optimize sales team workflow: Integrate with the sales team’s internal processes, automatically assigning appointments to agents and providing essential guest information for a personalized approach.
  • Streamline communication: Deliver prompt email confirmations for guests and sales agents, ensuring transparency and smooth communication throughout the process.
  • Generate valuable data: Capture valuable data on appointment bookings, guest preferences, and sales agent engagement, paving the way for future event optimization.
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch


GTECH, a pioneer in creating digital experiences, delivered a platform exceeding expectations:

  • Visually captivating interface: The online booking platform reflected the residence’s understated elegance, featuring high-resolution visuals and intuitive navigation.
  • Flexible appointment scheduling: Guests could effortlessly browse available dates and times, selecting their preferred slot for a private tour.
  • Seamless sales team integration: A dedicated platform for sales agents to display assigned appointments, guest details, and booking histories, facilitating informed and personalized interactions.
  • Automated communication: Instant email confirmations with appointment details and assigned sales agents ensured clarity and convenience for both guests and the sales team.
  • Data-driven insights: A comprehensive dashboard captured valuable data on booking patterns, guest demographics, and sales agent performance, informing future event strategies.
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch


GTECH’s appointment booking system proved instrumental in the launch’s success, delivering tangible outcomes:

  • Increased appointment bookings: The user-friendly platform and convenient online booking option led to a significant surge in appointment requests, showcasing the residences’ captivating appeal.
  • Enhanced guest experience: A seamless booking process and personalized approach from assigned sales agents ensured a positive and memorable experience for prospective buyers.
  • Streamlined sales workflow: Automated appointment scheduling and guest information delivery empowered the sales team to focus on building connections and closing deals.
  • Valuable data for future growth: Post-event insights on guest preferences and sales performance guided the next phase of the marketing and sales strategy, optimizing future events for further success.
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch
Appointment Engine for Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah Launch


GTECH’s custom appointment booking engine played a pivotal role in unveiling The Ritz-Carlton Residences Diriyah to the world. Their platform not only provided guests with a luxurious digital experience but also empowered the sales team with valuable data and seamless workflows.

With GTECH by their side, Diriyah Company can continue to weave tales of desert dreams and transform aspirations into reality, one exquisite residence at a time.