In the United Arab Emirates, where ambition weaves its threads with cutting-edge research, a new digital map unfolds. The UAE Research Map, a collaborative initiative by the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), the Emirates Research and Development Council (ERDC), and the Ministry of Education (MoE) charts a course for innovation. Behind the scenes, GTECH stands as the architect, crafting a powerful platform that empowers discovery.

Building a comprehensive and accessible online platform for the UAE’s research ecosystem demanded a solution that could:

  • Unify diverse resources: Aggregate critical information across grants, careers, collaborations, competitions, policies, publications, and more, creating a one-stop shop for the research community.
  • Foster connections: Facilitate collaboration between researchers and stakeholders, empowering knowledge exchange and joint ventures across academic and industry realms.
  • Support career ambitions: Equip researchers with career opportunities, training resources, and mentorship programs, paving the way for professional growth and development.
  • Amplify expertise: Offer an “Expert Finder” tool, connecting individuals with relevant field specialists, and fueling effective knowledge sharing and problem-solving.
  • Empower user personalization: Provide a dedicated dashboard for registered users, enabling them to save relevant information, manage their profiles, and stay informed of crucial updates.
  • Maintain powerful content management: Design a robust back-end system for administrators to seamlessly add, edit, update, and delete data, ensuring platform accuracy and responsiveness.
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map


GTECH, architects of knowledge ecosystems, delivered a platform exceeding expectations:

  • Headless Drupal + React architecture: This cutting-edge combination facilitated a dynamic and future-proof platform, ensuring scalability and responsiveness for ever-evolving research needs.
  • Comprehensive resource library: From funding opportunities to R&D infrastructure, the platform houses a wealth of information, empowering researchers and stakeholders with actionable insights.
  • Interactive map and expert finder: Visually map R&D centers across the UAE and connect with field specialists through the dynamic “Expert Finder” tool, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Personalized user experience: Registered users benefit from dedicated dashboards, allowing them to manage their profiles, save valuable resources, and receive personalized updates.
  • Powerful content management system (CMS): Built on Drupal, the CMS empowers administrators to efficiently manage all platform content, ensuring data accuracy and timely updates.
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map


The UAE Research Map, powered by GTECH, has brought forth tangible benefits:

  • Increased access to research opportunities: The platform simplifies access to funding, collaborations, and career advancements, fueling research activities across the UAE.
  • Enhanced knowledge exchange: Researchers and stakeholders connect seamlessly, fostering collaborative projects and accelerating innovation across diverse fields.
  • Empowered researchers: Career resources, training programs, and mentorship opportunities equip researchers with the skills and support they need to thrive.
  • Boosted visibility for experts: The “Expert Finder” tool connects renowned specialists with individuals seeking expertise, enhancing knowledge transfer and problem-solving.
  • Streamlined content management: The robust CMS empowers administrators to manage platform content efficiently, ensuring accuracy and responsiveness to evolving research needs.
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map
Custom Drupal Solution for UAE Research Map


As the UAE Research Map continues to illuminate the path for innovation, GTECH’s expertise played a pivotal role in building a platform that empowers the nation’s research community.

By connecting resources, fostering collaboration, and supporting individual growth, the UAE Research Map serves as a testament to the power of technology to ignite a thriving ecosystem of knowledge and progress.