EWSN 2024, the premier forum for research in embedded wireless systems and networks, stands poised to ignite a global conversation. EWSN 2024, renowned for its selective nature and global impact, required a website that could:

  • Showcase groundbreaking research: Offer a comprehensive website hosting all pertinent information, including the esteemed Organizing Committee, calls for submissions, the eagerly awaited event program, and compelling keynotes.
  • Attract leading researchers: Provide clear details on travel grants and facilitate seamless registration, enticing participation from the world’s top minds in the field.
  • Strengthen global presence: Foster connections between researchers across borders, promoting the conference’s commitment to broad worldwide impact.
  • Collaborate with renowned partners: Seamlessly integrate information for core partners like the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), ACM In-Cooperation, ACM SIGBED, and Sigmobile, highlighting their crucial support.
  • Offer future potential: Lay the groundwork for continued collaboration with TII, a leading R&D entity in Abu Dhabi, shaping the region’s digital innovation future.
Event website for EWSN 2024
Event website for EWSN 2024


GTECH, a pioneer in the digital landscape, delivered a website that exceeded expectations:

  • Informative and engaging: A comprehensive and user-friendly interface presenting all crucial information clearly and compellingly, from calls for submissions to keynote speaker profiles.
  • Streamlined registration and participation: A seamless registration process and detailed travel information empowers researchers globally to join the conversation.
  • Global outreach and engagement: Integrated social media channels and intuitive search functionalities fuels networking and knowledge-sharing across borders.
  • Prominent partner visibility: Dedicated sections for core partners like TII, ACM In-Cooperation, ACM SIGBED, and Sigmobile to showcase their crucial contributions and strengthened industry synergy.
  • Long-term partnership potential: GTECH’s expertise and dedication laid the foundation for a lasting collaboration with TII, paving the way for future digital innovation initiatives.
Event website for EWSN 2024
Event website for EWSN 2024


  • Increased participation: A surge in registrants from around the region, positioning EWSN as a premier regional forum.
  • Enriched knowledge exchange: Seamless website-facilitating networking and communication fostering vibrant discussions and cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: TII’s association with a successful event further solidifies its role as a leading R&D hub in Abu Dhabi.
  • A strong foundation for future collaboration: GTECH’s commitment and expertise established a thriving partnership with TII, opening doors for future co-creation in the digital landscape.
Event website for EWSN 2024 forum
Event website for EWSN 2024 forum


GTECH’s role in powering EWSN 2024 was pivotal. Their digital platform not only hosts a world-class event but also fosters global connections ignited groundbreaking research and solidified a strategic partnership for future innovation.

GTECH proved once again that technology is not just a tool, but a bridge to the future, connecting minds and sparking the next wave of digital breakthroughs.