GULFORMS 3D is the only international exhibition in the Middle East dedicated to 3D Printing and Additives. The event aims to be a significant meeting point for the 3D printing sector, bringing together machine and additive manufacturers, coders, designers, local 3D printing companies, manufacturers, and investors. 

This case study sheds light on GTECH’s successful collaboration with GULFORMS 3D to design, develop, and deploy a comprehensive website for the event.

GTECH's Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D
GTECH’s Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D

The Challenge

GULFORMS 3D faced several challenges when planning their event:

Visibility and Outreach: As an international event, the client needed to reach a global audience. They required an online platform to create awareness and facilitate registrations from attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Event Information Management: With multiple components like workshops, B2B meetings, and exhibitor profiles, they needed an efficient system to manage and update event information, schedules, and participant details.

User Experience: The client wanted a user-friendly website that would make navigation easy, ensuring a seamless experience for event attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Mobile Responsiveness: The website needed to be accessible across various devices, ensuring that potential attendees could access information on the go.

GTECH's Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D
GTECH’s Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D

The Solution

GTECH, a leading web development company, collaborated with GULFORMS 3D to provide an effective solution for their challenges:

User Experience Enhancement: A user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and responsive design were implemented, enhancing the overall user experience and accessibility.

Website Development: GTECH designed and developed a visually appealing and functional website. The site was created using responsive design principles, making it accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Content Management System (CMS): WordPress was implemented as the CMS, allowing the client to easily update event information, schedules, and participant details, ensuring that the website remained up-to-date and informative.

GTECH's Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D
GTECH’s Collaboration with GULFORMS 3D

The Results

GTECH’s collaboration with GULFORMS 3D yielded remarkable results:

Increased Visibility: The event website attracted a global audience, resulting in a significant increase in registrations, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Efficient Information Management: The CMS allowed the client to efficiently manage event information, ensuring that participants had access to accurate and up-to-date details.

User Satisfaction: The user-friendly design and responsive features of the website led to a high level of user satisfaction, as attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors found it easy to navigate and access information.

In conclusion, GTECH’s collaboration with GULFORMS 3D in designing, developing, and deploying their event website played a pivotal role in the success of the event. The website not only addressed the challenges faced but also enhanced the event’s online presence, user experience, and data security, resulting in increased participation and a seamless event experience for all stakeholders.