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01/ Overview

Gulf Cryo, based in Dubai, is a leading supplier & manufacturer of industrial gases, medical gases, specialty gases in the Middle East with modern production facilities, distribution fleet.

02/ Requirements

Gulf Cryo wanted to create an enterprise mobile application for a gas conversion calculator that allowed the internal sales team access to vital information on the gas they supply on a daily basis.

03/ Platform

GTECH built an iOS and Android application that can be distributed at an enterprise level, making the app available only for Gulf Cryo employees. The application enabled the sales team to have quick access to information on gas on the go.

04/ Features

  • The conversion of Gas from one quantity metric to another Eg: from Nm3 to Kg
  • Price calculation based on the quantity and in-house supply rates
  • Ability to send a formal quote on the supply of gas through email
  • General properties of the gases
  • Hazardous information on Gases where applicable
Gulf Cryo iGases
Gulf Cryo iGases
Gulf Cryo iGases
Gulf Cryo iGases
Gulf Cryo iGases