African & Eastern (A&E), a prominent alcohol distributor in the Gulf Region, partnered with GTECH to revamp its corporate website. GTECH aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website elevating A&E’s online presence and improving user experience.

Web Design & Development for African & Eastern

Design and Development Process

Phase 1: Discovery

During the discovery phase, GTECH collaborated closely with A&E to understand its business, goals, and target audience. Through in-depth discussions and workshops, key requirements were identified, including a store locator, event galleries, brand portfolio, social media feed, job listings, license application section, facts and figures, and a team page.

Phase 2: UX & UI Design

GTECH’s design team then worked on the UX and UI aspects of the website. Wireframes and prototypes were created to map out the website’s structure, navigation, and visual elements. The design team focused on a clean and intuitive interface that reflected A&E’s brand identity and provided a seamless user journey.

Web Design & Development for African & Eastern
Web Design & Development for African & Eastern

Design and Development Process

Phase 3: Development

In the development phase, the website was initially built as a standard HTML website to meet the launch deadline. GTECH integrated various technologies and APIs, such as Google Maps, to develop a store locator feature allowing users to find the nearest A&E store and obtain driving directions.

Event galleries were implemented to showcase A&E’s past and upcoming events, giving visitors insight into their vibrant brand culture. A brand portfolio section highlighted A&E’s extensive range of alcoholic beverages. Social media feeds were seamlessly integrated using a third-party API.

The website also featured a dedicated job listing and careers section, streamlining the recruitment process for interested candidates. A license application section simplified the application process for individuals and businesses.

To enhance functionality and content management, GTECH integrated Adobe Cloud Commerce with the website. This allowed for seamless synchronization and ensured alignment with A&E’s website infrastructure. Magento’s Access Control Lists (ACLs), modules, blocks, and page builders were utilized to create dynamic sections and implement role-based access control.

Phase 4: Handover

After rigorous testing to ensure functionality, responsiveness, and compatibility, GTECH provided training to A&E’s team on content management. Adjustments were made based on feedback, and the website was handed over to A&E.

Web Design & Development for African & Eastern

Results and Impact

GTECH’s successful design and development efforts resulted in a corporate website encompassing essential features, improving A&E’s online engagement. The integration of Adobe Cloud Commerce and Magento’s ACLs and page builders enhanced functionality and streamlined content management.

With their new visually appealing and user-friendly website, A&E is better equipped to engage with customers and strengthen their online presence.